“The idea that light cannot exist without darkness for darkness is needed to know the value of life is a recurring theme in the story which is illustrated through various signs and symbols.” – The Little Light Book Review by Sanchari Das

My debut novel The Little Light doesn’t belong to me. I dedicated it to my grandfather Ratilal Mancharram to honour the legacy he left me. He was a kind, big-hearted and generous person who understood the darkness of life, but never allowed it mark his soul. I gave him this book as a gift. Any accolade and appreciation I receive honours his memory. 

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I began as all writers do. With an empty page and a big dream. I poured my soul into the empty pages hoping that my words will inspire all the other Little Lights out there. It wasn’t an easy journey. I went through a lot to get here. Hundreds of rejections. A dream that no one but me believed in. But from somewhere, I found the courage.

I took it one step at a time. One day at a time. It may seem easy to those on the outside looking in, but this dream of mine was twelve years in the making. 

And what a journey it was. I’m a published author and business owner. 

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The Little Light is now out there in the world. Once a book is published, it no longer belongs to the author, but to the readers who breathe new life into it with the power of their imagination. And as luck would have it, one of those readers happened to be an author herself…

I woke up one morning to a review that stirred the deepest yearnings of my soul. As I read the review, I could feel the pride and joy of my ancestors. I remember that I am but a Little Light that has found another Little Light who understands that we are all one. 

After years and years of feeling like my work wasn’t worth anything, I suddenly felt a deep and profound connection to someone I’d never even met. This special reader saw my soul poured out in my once empty pages. And in her book review, I saw hers. And what a gentle and beautiful soul it is. 

I have a chat with Sanchari Das. An author and fellow Piscean – she shares her thoughts with me about the art of writing a book review. 

Q: As an author yourself, could you describe the experience of writing reviews of another author’s work?

A: Oh, it’s a very fulfilling experience. The reason I started writing book reviews is because it makes me feel connected with the book and through the book to the author. As an author myself I know that the authors cannot help hiding a part of themselves inside the book. And I love to search for those traces in the book, exploring the themes, symbolism or hidden meanings, significance of the title, while composing detailed book reviews. I feel this is the best part of writing book reviews, it makes one live the story twice.

Q: What are the elements of a good review?

A: The most important element of a good book review is to write an unbiased and honest review. A good review not only highlights the good points presenting them in a way that would interest the readers but also points out the flaws so that the readers can be aware of it and the author would know where his/her fault lies and improve that in their next book.

Q: There are certain genres I really dislike and I’ve always thought it unfair to write a negative review in such cases. Some reviewers bash a book even though it is not in their genre of interest. What are your thoughts on this matter?

A: This is one of the most dishonest practice, I’d say. Even if the genre is of their interest, the reviewers simply have no right to bash a book.

One has to be honest that’s true, but honesty never means being rude.

One can politely point out the flaws in the book and justify the reason why they think so. Bashing a book just because they personally didn’t like it, doesn’t make one an honest reviewer but just bring forth their biased attitude.

Q: I was so touched by your review that I reached out to you and asked you to collaborate with me on Mith Books. What has this experience been like for you?

A: Oh, it was a delightful experience. After reading The Little Light, the first thing I wanted to do was to interview the author. But then I couldn’t muster the courage to approach you and so I poured my heart out while writing the review, secretly hoping that you would like it and start a conversation with me and then perhaps I can ask you for an interview.

I simply couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you bring the offer yourself.

I was overjoyed and read the message several times to confirm it’s happening for real. And then as I started to work with you, it felt such a fulfilling experience. I love the way you answer all the questions in such great details and so I put all my heart in preparing the perfect questions for you. I learned a lot from you and your journey is a real inspiration in itself. 

Beaming with spiritual energy and supernatural thrill, “The Little Light” by Dipa Sanatani ushers the readers into the enlightening discoveries which are waiting to make a change deep within one and all. –Sanchari Das

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