Memorable Quotes from The Little Light: A Personal Reflection

In The Little Light: A Story of Reincarnation and the Crazy Cosmic Family, Dipa Sanatani beautifully portrays concepts of life, love, and the very basis of existence. The young adult fantasy novel revolves around a newborn soul – The Little Light – who learns about her soul purpose with different planetary beings before she is born on Earth.

With her very colourful and engaging characters, Sanatani manages to create strong imagery in our heads which readers can relate to their own lives on earth. What is amazing about the narrative style is the human-like conversations between different Celestial Beings which makes it easy for the readers to quickly grasp the storyline.

Sanatani discusses topics that are metaphysical. Yet, her narration is simple – even for readers who are relatively new to astrological concepts. 

The book revolves around a multitude of themes and has many beautiful lines that have resonated with me on a fundamental level. In this post, I share my thoughts on a few memorable quotes that have stayed with me since I first read the book.

The Nature of Reality

The Sun says, “It would do you some good to appreciate the reality beyond what we can see and perceive. And just because you cannot perceive something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

Sanatani mentions the things that we cannot see, and people we have not met and the notions that we can only imagine. Her book is for all kinds of readers, from lovers of folklore, mythology or astrology and even fairy tales or spirituality

Surya The Sun

The Nature of Pain

Rahu says, “You know how humanity suffers, yet you know this suffering is necessary. You understand how humanity will never change unless it experiences great darkness. You know full well how hard it is for light to fight the shadows, for one cannot exist without the other.”

Sanatani mentions something so profound so subtly. Pain is perhaps a choice. We choose to feel pain and we choose to avoid it. Pain is what creates us and pushes us. And pain is what destroys us.

Greater suffering is endured in order to achieve greater things and it is inevitable. But what matters is how far are we willing to go, despite the grief.

The Nature of Balance

‘This is how it has been since the beginning. Everything in the world of matter has its equal and opposite counterpart.’

This fact is undeniable. Everything has an equal and opposite effect. It is the law of nature. Sanatani beautifully includes the science of the existence of everything. If matter –  including souls – does not have a counterpart, we shall cease to exist. There will be a perpetual state of imbalance.

The Human Connection

‘How souls can hold onto each other and refuse to go; how souls can attach themselves and leave tiny pieces of their own light in other Little Lights.’

This was a part where I closed the book and took a deep breath, because of the depth of the words that this sentence held. Each one of us is made up of memories – good and bad – of all the people we have ever come across.

We are a mosaic of all those tiny pieces of different people we have ever loved or despised. Perhaps that is what forces us to search for people we already know, in whom we meet.

The Reality of Human Nature

“Humans are fond of chasing illusions,” Pirouzeh says.

This is something one can’t deny. We as humans cannot stop chasing the rat-traps in our lives. We cannot seem to get enough of wanting things that would apparently make us ‘happy.’

The Nature of Free Will 

“In the Universe,” Dag says, “every crossroads is predetermined. The choice is not. I know the tale that will come to pass with each choice, but I do not know which choice will be made.”

This is one of the most debated topics, talked on multiple platforms. Free will and destiny are like two sides of the same coin, yet it becomes difficult for many of us to believe that both these concepts would exist simultaneously.

If there is a fate already pre-destined for us, then how does free-will come into the picture? Perhaps, there is a predestined fate for all of us… with certain pages left blank in the book of fates – for us to decide our choices.

Sanatani managed to capture the essence of both these concepts together, weaving it into this beautifully convincing story of the Little Light.

Which of these quotes resonated with you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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FareehaFareeha Arshad is a forager of meaning, a reader by passion, a writer by choice, and a scientist by vocation. The Arab born, confused Desi lives on the Persian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia with her parents and siblings, where she spends most of her time studying, teaching, writing or cooking. 

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  1. This book has become one of my favourite reads. I love all the quotes shared by the author in the post. I am in total awe of how beautifully Dipa Sanatani has simplified the concepts of Metaphysics. I would like to add one more quote in the list, which has deeply touched me-
    “The Universe can exist without intelligence. It can’t exist without compassion. It will do you well to remember that.”

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