Motherhood awakens the creative spark and is powerful enough to light all of humankind. It grants one the divine pleasure of procreation.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a baby. One can be the mother of an idea, a scientific invention, a novel, a design, music, a painting, an art form—anything. And the euphoria of the creation would be same. For human beings always have this burning desire to create—whatever it may be and however small or grand.

Then there is another side to motherhood. It’s when you nurture something with great love and care. And what’s more – you don’t even have to give birth – you can always adopt. I’m not just talking about a child; you can adopt a pet or even a plant. And in caring for it, nursing it and witnessing it grow—seeing your pet perform amazing stunts or watching your tiny plant bear flowers—you will get the exact pleasure as watching your kid learn to walk.


And the truth is: “Motherhood” doesn’t just concern a particular gender, irrespective of what society has made you believe. It’s not just a “feminine quality”, as it’s assumed to be. A man can have it too. For if motherhood is about creating something on your own accord and nurturing it with care and affection, then isn’t it something that men can do as well?

The moment you create or nurture something, you become its “mother”. It doesn’t matter whether the person is a man or a woman. “Motherhood” was never gender specific – it was always about unconditional love, care and affection.

Remember, how once God created this Universe from nothing? It’s the same happiness, same satisfaction, same ecstasy that one feels in creating something from scratch. And when you are creating it, then you must be its mother.

So, welcome to Motherhood. 

Suppose you are struggling to solve an issue for a long time, and after a lot of brainstorming, an idea hits you which not only solves your problem but also changes your life and many other lives. Well, don’t you think that happiness is equal to the joy of creation? I definitely think it is.

Think of all the scientific breakthroughs. How ecstatic scientists are when they discover or invent something they had devoted all their time to. They had a few clues and some instruments to work with and with that they managed to create something that can benefit all of mankind.

Isn’t that magical?

Have you ever wondered about the pains a writer undergoes to give birth to a novel? Those struggles their mind goes through to come up with the perfect expression that will convey their exact feeling. And finally when they are able to put everything together into a book, the happiness is same as the bliss of motherhood. And, when they hold that book, they feel as if they are holding their new-born baby in their arms.


Songwriters face the same struggle while composing something that would fit into the sweet harmony of the music they want to create. They feel restless when they want to give birth to a song but know not how to express it. And, when they succeed, they embrace the joy of motherhood.


Painters too strive to decide the perfect shade and colour that would bring their imagination alive on the canvas and express their emotions without using any words. And when it’s done—all colourful and dry—they will run their hands over it and feel as if a mother is touching her child for the first time. 


Even designers go through the same struggle to produce something new, trendy and attractive. They ransack their brain for new ideas, unique designs, exclusive styles that will stay in vogue for a long time. Then suddenly a brainwave hits and they know exactly what to do. Isn’t that a beautiful birth, too?

All these are true for all art forms, for every single ounce of creativity that streams down into the world through our endless struggle. We burn our midnight oils to create something innovative that would express our artistic self and grant us the pleasure of bringing something to existence. And that’s the idea of motherhood. With a mind pregnant with thoughts, we nurse our brain-child within ourselves; we weave our dreams around it and we give birth to a beautiful piece of art for the world to see and for us to devour our motherhood.

After all, a brain-child is also a child.

So let’s broaden our spheres, break the stereotypes, burst our prejudices and gift ourselves the divine joy of motherhood.

What is your idea of motherhood? Do you have anything to add to the above list? When was the last time you created something?

About the Author 

SanchariSanchari Das is currently pursuing her Masters in English. She devotes her free time to writing, painting, singing and enhancing her photography skills. The author of three books, Sanchari dreams to inspire millions through her writing. Born with a Piscean heart beaming with creativity, she is ever ready to embark upon new ventures and discover all the hidden sides to her personality. 

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