My Utopian World: the origin and evolution of mythical creatures

When I was a kid, I thought unicorns and dragons existed for real. I am sure most of us have been through that phase – accepting what is real and letting go of the possibility that many things are simply not. 

It’s a tough part of growing up.

It’s natural for me to think that dragons were an extension of the dinosaurs. Perhaps, this is how the whole legend about dragons was created in the first place. Over the years, humans across the globe have discovered large footprints and fossils of dinosaurs. This could have brought up the idea of fire blowing dinosaurs and the legend of dragons. The fact is: myths surrounding the existence of dragons is widespread among various cultures.

I’ve always wondered how our lives would be affected if the mythical creatures existed for real and did not live just in books. How different our lives could be if that were to be true?

Maybe, instead of boarding the bus to go to school every day, I could ride my own dragon and have my own fairy-godmother – like Cinderella. I would get to slay the trolls and swim with my mermaid friends. I could keep a phoenix as a pet and have wonderful house-elves at my disposal. I could learn from the wisdom that centaurs possess and ride my own unicorn and live happily in my Utopian land ruled by Zeus and Thor.

I know sounds hilarious. Regardless, it would be fun.

But would these mythical creatures be able to evolve like as we do? I mean they do not have to be out-worldly – which they already would be – in order to survive. They would just have to be better than their competitors. If they could possibly evolve like we did from the apes (as hypothesised by Darwin), things could be pretty interesting. 

For starters, we would not be locked down in a pandemic-like situation, as we are now due to the Coronavirus.

You still don’t understand? I will tell you how.

The fairies would use their magic to heal people. So, they would be upgraded to the status of medics, nurses, and doctors. Their magic coupled with the technological advancements – and hospitals would have the cure for every disease, and scientists would have the answer to every question.

Phoenixes would be able to evolve a little more than their already strikingly beautiful selves. They would be able to procreate with the dragons to give super-sized phoenixes (that is dragons) who would be able to rise from their own ashes.

Now tell me how fun it would be to have them protect our borders now. The enemies would not be able to get rid of them at all – no matter how hard they try.

The dragons would evolve into super-friendly creatures but still would have their fire-producing capability. Their mouths would spurt bombs and gun powder. They would guard our borders and play the role of navy, army, and the air-force – all at once. 

Now that would be awesome!

Every house would have a house-elf, who would take care of the house-hold affairs, relieving mothers of their burdens. For once, you would be able to keep the cup where you drink tea and eat in bed without the fear of cleaning the bread crumbs falling off of your chicken pop-corn. 

It would be such a relief!

Centaurs would evolve to have a human-like appearance and could convert into their original form, on-demand. They would become one of the most civilised of all the mythical creatures, burying their animalistic instincts. They would take the roles of teachers at the schools because of their high state of knowledge and enlightenment of the unknown.


What about the different Gods ruling over us?

I believe that maybe they would not be any different. They would possibly not evolve much. That may be because they can already do whatever they want, however they like. At most, they would be able to evolve into creatures who are simpler, humbler, less complex people who are trying hard to keep from the seven deadly sins.

Yes, humans.

Maybe, contrary to popular beliefs, we could be the most superior creatures to ever walk the earth. In Mark Twain’s words, “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn’t.”

Over the eons, evolution has yielded some remarkable creations, these could have been too, among the gazillions of other possibilities. 

How would your perfect Utopian world be like, if the mythical creatures were to be true? 

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FareehaFareeha Arshad is a forager of meaning, a reader by passion, a writer by choice, and a scientist by vocation. The Arab born, confused Desi lives on the Persian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia with her parents and siblings, where she spends most of her time studying, teaching, writing or cooking.

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  1. Wow!! This is so… magical!!
    I had often wondered about such a world of fairies and all mythical characters. I even had stories written on them as a child. But then… I grew up! Sigh..

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