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“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

-Helen Keller

Writing a book can feel like a difficult process. Especially when you have something to say, but you are struggling to find the words to say it. 

At Mith Books, we are a community of authors who support other authors on their publication journey. As avid readers who later became writers, we understand firsthand what it takes to write a book that will resonate with readers.

We’ve learnt it all the hard way so you won’t have to. 

Why work with a ghostwriter?

People often have thoughts, ideas and knowledge in relation to their area of expertise that they aspire to share in a book. Working with a ghostwriter will help you narrate this expertise into a book that readers will enjoy. 

Celebrities, chefs, make-ups artists, spiritual leaders and individuals from all walks of life work with ghostwriters. 

A well-written book can position you as an authority in your field and create interest for your business or professional services. A ghostwriter can help you communicate your message and your story to readers from all over the world. 

What can you expect from a good ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters are both authors and avid readers who are in touch with trends in the book publishing world. They have a firm understanding of the titles that have done well with readers in your genre. With this knowledge, they can help you position yourself in the marketplace. They write copy – from articles, books, blog posts, newsletters etc. Their speciality is the written word. 

How are authors different to ghostwriters?

Authors earn royalties for original work. The copyright of the work remains with the person who wrote the book. On the other hand, ghostwriters receive a fee for creating copy for a client. They receive no credit and the copyright for the content belongs to the client. 

Who hires ghostwriters? 

Anyone can hire a ghostwriter. Numerous best-selling books – especially non-fiction – are ghostwritten. Even fiction authors work alongside ghostwriters to write their book description and author biography.

Anytime you find yourself feeling stuck, remember:

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much. 

Working with Mith Books

At Mith Books, we are a community of authors that support authors. We write down the words that express your message and your story. 

Our ghostwriters brainstorm possible ideas and discuss appropriate content with you. We do not make decisions on what to write, or what content to include or exclude. 

In order to make sure that we know exactly what you have in mind for your book, we thoroughly interview the author before creating any content. We make sure that no content is created without your consent. For non-fiction books, we also fact-check and do our own research prior to executing on any ideas to ensure that your book will thrive alongside the others in the marketplace. 

We take time to create and structure a book that is in alignment with the clients needs and that readers will find valuable. The key here is to write a book that will allow the author to form a relationship with readers.

By the time you are done working with your ghostwriter, you will have a solid first draft of a manuscript that has captured your content in a style that is in line with your vision as well as reader-expectations based on other books in your genre. 

What’s Next?

After completing the first draft, it is time to work with an editor. An editor is someone who will tidy and polish up the manuscript. Editors do not create or shape content. They pour over the manuscript line-by-line and work on the details to ensure that it’s ready for readers.

Mith Books hopes that we will have the privilege to join you on your journey as you chart unchartered terrains. 



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