My affinity for exploring new places has taught me a plethora of things. My biggest takeaway is to never undermine the beauty of the journey that leads us to our destination. It is the journey that makes the destination remarkable and beautiful.

With the passage of time, I realised that this analogy of journey and destination holds true for several endeavours that make our life more meaningful.

My Realisations

In these expeditions to a number of diverse places, a few commonalities were there. While searching for places to explore, I would always choose places that were highly recommended by fellow travellers. It was like I was on a quest of finding something meaningful that others would approve of. 

Seeking people’s advice while exploring unknown territories is not at all wrong. But, we should also not forget that seeing the place with that same lens could be a lot less delightful. It might deprive us of the fun and thrill that is still unexplored by others.

In my own Eureka Moment, I realised that before deriving the meaning in our own actions, we knowingly or unknowingly seek validation from others. We keep clinging to the predefined parameters of happiness and success while making choices about career, marriage, starting a family etc….and remain devoid of true contentment.

Moreover, in the excitement of reaching the destination, I was ignoring the beautiful moments that were blossoming during the journey to make the final destination more memorable and fulfilling.

I realised that when we set our eyes on our dreams, we tend to ignore the vitality of actions which are less significant in nature. But in reality, no matter how grand or small an action is – it has its own role to play in the process of leading us to the big moment of our life.


Our Perception of Life

The books that we read or the movies we watch make us fantasise about life in a rather romantic fashion. We start expecting a life that fulfils all the criteria that we have read in books or watched in movies. We become so meticulous that even if one thing goes missing, we choose to miss out on the whole beauty of that moment.

We tell ourselves that maybe this is not “That Defining Moment” that we were looking for and hence we keep on searching and becoming more and more restless. With the passage of time, we even lose the hope of living a life that we find meaningful. In the whole process, we miss multitudes of precious moments which sum up our life. Most importantly – we miss out on the whole journey to that sought after destination.

Like how a journey is important to absorb the beauty of a destination, similarly, people and moments associated are important to make this life more cherishable.

Life as a Teacher

Life has a way of teaching us its real meaning in different ways. I happened to realise it while traveling and extrapolating those learnings to my day-to-day activities. Now instead of waiting for the glorious moments of my life,  I have started paying heed to all the small things happening around me.

This habit helped me in praising nuances of nature, which often go unnoticed: like clean water to drink, green grass on the ground, birds chirping something so random yet so mellifluous, fresh air of the countryside and so on. In a way, it has made me more grateful for things about which I remained oblivious for a good amount of time.

When we realise the importance of this ripple effect, we just can’t keep our eyes off those minuscule yet powerful instances. Those instances then start summing up our life and start shaping it in a more beautiful manner.

After all, life is not about running after the predefined parameters of glory. It is about pausing from time to time to enjoy everything irrespective of its size and realising its significance. Once someone starts doing it, there are high chances of finding beauty in numerous forms of which you cannot really take your eyes off.

I would love to know, what hobby or passion led you to your Eureka Moment?


About the Author

Udita Mith books

Udita Nayak is a bibliophile who wants to explore the world and pen down all her adventures. She has an inclination towards things that have artistic significance. She strongly believes in the power of ripple effect and dreams of publishing her own book in future. During the day, she works in consulting. 

2 thoughts on “And I couldn’t take my eyes off: the journey behind the destination

  1. What a wonderful reminder to actually slow down and enjoy the journey!

    In the world we live in, life is organized one goal after the other and in our hurry to reach the destination, we forget to stop and smell the roses.

    Thankyou for this reminder of embracing the little things in life in the very complex situation we all live in right now.

    My Eureka Moment was when I really started indulging in music. In a hectic life, music holds the power to lock you in the moment without any worry of the past or the future.

  2. Ah, the journey of life! With all its teachings… I tend to learn a lot of things when I look into nature through the tiny window of my room or while traveling.

    I can feel every words penned here. Totally loved how you analyzed the little things in life. Couldn’t agree more… Truly an enlightening post!

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