“Beautiful gems can emerge from dirt. 

Struggle can teach you self-discipline and resilience.”

-Saturn from Dipa Sanatani’s The Little Light

Welcome on board The Great Father of Time, the best teacher of life and the de facto co-ruler of the Solar System—Saturn, the only planet in the Cosmos who can stand up to the Sun as its equal.

Surprised, are you? I was too when I was first introduced to him while reading The Little Light by Dipa Sanatani

Saturn — or Shani as he is known in Vedic Astrologyis perhaps the most feared planet of this universe. Humans are always afraid to face his wrath, as they call it, or his tough love as the author describes it. In her debut novel, Sanatani paints him in a completely different light—as the greatest teacher mankind can ever have.

And so begins my tryst with Saturn…

Saturn (1)

The rest of this post contains spoilers 

Even before Saturn could make his appearance, he was the talk of the day. The planets kept talking about how he is always late to arrive, yet shows up exactly at the right time. It created an aura of suspense around him and my curious mind couldn’t wait to meet him.

As expected, he was the last to arrive.

With slow, deliberate and dignified steps he walked into the Cosmic Womb—just like a hero walks with grace into the stage—slow but steady. He slowly lifted his blue eyes, and greeted everyone in his deep low voice that appeared cold and distant. A voice devoid of avarice, happiness and pretence. A man of few words, he at once stole the show with his demeanour that demanded respect. 

Needless to say, I was captivated. And why wouldn’t I be?

He is the Great Lord of Time and I, a simple innocent Little Light.

Then slowly as his true nature began to unfold before my eyes, I found myself growing more and more attracted to him. And I saw him in a whole new light…

Shani graha.JPG
Planet Saturn, one of the nine heavenly beings known as Navagraha in Hindu astrology.

I learnt how he works by placing boundaries and burdens on the path to our goals, so that we don’t easily get what we want – but rather earn it by proving ourselves worthy. And I could personally relate his little activities through my own human experience… Yes, I remember he did the same to me as well.

Fancy putting tiny boulders on my path to delay my meeting with success! 

I remember when I first walked the path to publishing my debut novel. Hundreds of obstacles came my way—so much so that I actually thought that the Universe is conspiring against me—standing between me and my big dream.

But I went on anyway, overcoming the barriers one after the other. And there are thousands such occasions where he did that!

I used to get very angry with him when he put hurdles on my road. But then, when I finally tasted my success after crossing all the stumbling blocks, it really did taste so much better. Of course, I didn’t know then that it was Saturn behind all these doings.

And I didn’t even know why he did that.

All I knew was that someone up there is playing tricks with me. I thought that someone is attempting to break me but is only making me stronger. I failed to understand, that’s the plan actually! To make us face hardships, not to break us – but so that we grow stronger each day.

After all, Saturn doesn’t hate us but loves us in a completely different way.

How silly of me not to realise that then! 

It is only when I met him in my journey through the book The Little Light that I realised how he works. He sends us hard times so that when the dark clouds clear to reveal good times, we can enjoy it completely – knowing that we’ve earned it. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 12.25.47 am

And so now when I meet him, I don’t get angry or afraid. I just greet him and prepare myself to face the hardship. I know now that Saturn will never throw at us any troubles which we can’t handle.

We just have to be a little more patient.

Saturn sets our path with difficulties because he knows we are capable enough to overcome them. He can see that we have the spark in us to survive life’s hardest tests and grow strong and resilient.

All we have to do is believe.

And that is exactly what I do now. I take his challenges as opportunities – a path towards self-growth. Maybe that’s why I didn’t resist when he challenged me to perform on stage, despite my extreme stage-fright. With fear popping in my mind, I accepted his challenge—even if that meant me walking up the stage with a wobbling stomach and trembling feet. Still, I didn’t give up. I performed. Once. Twice. Thrice. And perhaps more, I didn’t keep count!

I kept on facing my fear until I finally conquered it and looked up to him whispering a Thank You… 

“Growing up is never easy… but at the end of it you realize that those experiences made you wiser.”

Rahu from Dipa Sanatani’s The Little Light

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Sanchari Das is currently pursuing her Masters in English. She devotes her free time to writing, painting, singing and enhancing her photography skills. The author of three books, Sanchari dreams to inspire millions through her writing. Born with a Piscean heart beaming with creativity, she is ever ready to embark upon new ventures and discover all the hidden sides to her personality. 

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  1. Ahh.. you know, one of my favourite parts in the book was Saturn’s relationship with his son Mars. I think it’s an excellent but no longer used model for parenting. It is about becoming a man… or just about becoming an adult. Learning to deal with and accept reality instead of escaping from it or expecting life to look like a page out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    1. I thought Mercury’s relationship with the Sun never quite reached the same maturity of Mars’ relationship with Saturn. It’s almost as if they’re two contrasting relationship archetypes.

      1. But Saturn’s relationship with Jupiter is the one that stole my heart.

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