The Global Pandemic has taught us a great deal in terms of life and its often underestimated value. It has taught us to be grateful for all the things that we have taken for granted so far. While we are staying at home most of the day, from time to time, our thoughts go back to the memories that we miss terribly now. We indulge ourselves in imagining a reality that was so easy to pursue in yesteryears, but, now seems to be a distant dream.

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We have all witnessed a number of drastic changes taking place globally. Seriously, who would have thought that one after the other, so many nations will be under lockdown? Who would have thought that the virtual birthday celebration will be the only go-to option? Who would have thought living away from your family could be this painful, even though you are used to it? Who would have thought the graduation ceremonies won’t be the same? As a 2020 MBA pass out, my heart goes out to all my peers who haven’t received the convocation that they deserved. Trust me, it is painful.

On the positive side of this pandemic, we have taken advantage of this time to pursue our hobbies in addition to our regular work. In the past couple of months, we have done many things that we were beautifully procrastinating on till now. All of us have some sort of guilty pleasures to keep us optimistic in such trying times.

During the lockdown, while many of us have binge-watched a plethora of shows on various OTT platforms, I also did my share of binge-watching, but in a way that took me to different places.

The Poet's Song

I binge-watched a series of dreams last night

Wandered in the mountains on a bike
Played with snowballs and went on a hike
Enjoyed picturesque waterfalls and views
That enticed me with their beautiful hues

I binge-watched a series of dreams last night

Flirted with sea waves to make them shy
Built glorious sand castles only to bid them goodbye
Argued with wind for messing my hair
And sprinkling salt on them that is so unfair

I binge-watched a series of dreams last night

Met a friend and hugged him tight
Shared the food on a plate that was white
Laughed like maniacs till dawn
With the promise to see him soon

I binge-watched a series of dreams last night

Woke up with a heart full of positivity
Reminded myself again and again
Some dreams do turn into reality
Some dreams do turn into reality.

I hope this pandemic meets its end soon. But, in the meantime, stay optimistic and stay safe. Do what you love even if it is not deemed worthy in the eyes of others. Above all, be empathetic to everyone in your surroundings.

We are all in this together.

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Udita Mith booksUdita Nayak is a bibliophile who wants to explore the world and pen down all her adventures. She has an inclination towards things that have artistic significance. She strongly believes in the power of ripple effect and dreams of publishing her own book in future. During the day, she works in consulting.

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