Fiction readers tend to clinch their nose at the thought of reading a book on spirituality. Novels in the spirituality genre are often non-fiction. They are committed towards presenting the facts rather than weaving a story. But what if spirituality intertwines itself with the elements from the spine-chilling thriller genre that will leave us biting our nails in anticipation of what will happen next? Won’t it be rather impressive?

And this is exactly what I Will Go With You by Priya Kumar does for its readers. It presents them with a fast-paced thrilling adventure weaved around spirituality. The story is about a flight whose pilot has decided to commit suicide. But he doesn’t want to die alone. He chooses to jeopardise the lives of 300 passengers and die mid-air along with them.

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The other characters include four evolved souls travelling in the same flight who are ready to take the readers into the world of spirituality: 

  • Muttuswamy, an astrologer who knows what lies ahead and acts as the spiritual guardian to enlighten the lost souls;
  • Sara, a journalist and an aspiring author, who goes through a lot of turmoil to shed her distractions and finally pen down the last chapter of her book;
  • Jim, a teenage football player who loves his own company and appears to possess a maturity which is way beyond his age; 
  • Paul, a handsome successful billionaire, who despite having everything still feels empty and is in want of something which money can never buy.

They all meet and we are transferred into their world and are taken through an escapade that will change the way we perceive life forever. Muttuswamy plays the role of our guiding light towards the path of spirituality. The spiritual, psychological and philosophical insights that he bestows upon us readers paves the way for self-growth, enriching the soul by peeping deep into the mind.

The journey through the book feels almost like a therapy session. It is  committed to putting a full stop to our inner turmoil. It sucks out the negativity from the soul and replaces it with optimism. Something that will stay with us long after we finish reading it.

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The spiritual journey, however, is made difficult with the impending doom that prevails over the story right from the time when we can hear the dangerous thought process of the pilot who is about to commit suicide. Readers can feel the turmoil boiling inside them when the book begins; but as the story progresses we slowly walk towards peace. Then that very peace is disrupted by the path which is set with several twists and turns that throws us on the lap of several loops and confusions.

Time and again, readers are swept into the whirlpool of emotional turmoil and then quickly brought back to peaceful contemplation. The thrill coupled with doses of spirituality gives the book its dual character. It is extraordinarily troubling and relaxing at the same time, with the power to tear one apart and simultaneously piece them back together. 

It begets multiple emotions and expressions: from fear to hope, despair to peace, nervousness to scoff, frown to smile. And what’s more, we never know when we will be experiencing which emotion. 

But ultimately, the spirituality that binds the story together manages to grant readers the power to be at peace as well. It is simply unbelievable as to how a tale which apparently appears to end with the death of everyone can be so filled with life that we can literally live an eternity within a few hours between those few pages.

The story’s powerful insights compels us to look into our inner self and contemplate intently the hidden secrets of our own mind. It sets us on a journey of self-discovery where we learn unknown truths about ourselves to our greatest surprise. And this is not done by simply preaching about spirituality but by directly involving the readers with the experiences of the characters and making us a part of their journey.


Through its thrilling roller coaster ride, I Will Go With You takes us on a journey to the end of life and the beginning of a brand new eternity. The end not only leaves us with a strange peace of mind but also leaves several questions and lessons wandering in our consciousness long after we have turned the last page.

The well-crafted piece of art thus ends in high spirits endowing us with the power of being at peace with ourselves and showering upon us a life-changing perspective that will stay with us forever. The meticulous blending of spirituality with thriller enables insights to seep smoothly into our mind without any conscious effort on our part but simply as we sit back and enjoy the journey of a lifetime.

“Life isn’t to be protected. Life is to be lived.”

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