This is about writing, not relationships. But, to illustrate…

Love is implicit in all relationships. Romantic, platonic. Friendly, motherly, fatherly. Even relationships of enmity.

Granted, it is a given in some; while in others, it is deep and hidden, below too much gunk, such that it is too hard to see, or to feel. But, it is there. The challenge is finding it, or perhaps believing that it is there in the first place, always.

It’s like a maze, going through that relationship. What is clear, however, is that going through it has rewards.

Still, going through that has too many problems. Monsters. Walls. Winds. Fires. If the challenge can be imagined, it exists. And, it’s dark. Pitch dark. So how the heck does one do this? How can you fight a monster, and still find your way around walls? How can you find your way around walls that you cannot see?

In spite of these presented adversities, we are gifted tools to help us along the way, to help us through these mazes. Not only that, but also, ‘help will always be there for those who ask, and who deserve.’

Writing is such a tool. It was gifted to us millennia prior. And, over the years, we had enough assistance to develop it, to build it, and much more. We learned to write stories and poems; we learned to write our histories, and codes of conduct; we developed laws and documented those too.


By the same token, the years make us forget. Over the years, we forgot that it was a gift; that there was a time when we did not write, a time when we did not know how. We have come to take it for granted, thinking that it was us who created this thing called language, and writing, giving ourselves credit for our ingenuity. And so, we also forgot its power and how it helps us.

Remember that maze? Those walls, and monsters? In pitch darkness? When we remember that it –  writing – is a gift, we begin to recognize the tip of its potential. How it is a flashlight, how it is available in our bag of tools, with ever-lasting power. To use it is to shine a light, to guide us, you, yes you, through that maze.

First, it is for you. Using it is about you, about your maze, and not about readers, or the masses. Use it, and it grows. Use it and it becomes even brighter. And, when it is strong enough to shine a light for others, the masses will find you and your writing.

Mith Books The Merchant of Stories

Write about fears, perceived mistakes, and financial difficulties. About the, “no, thank yous…” and their effect on your psyche. About your struggles, defeats, and victories. About love – given; reciprocated; unrequited. About shackles and about freedom, about how both are inherent in existence. Write about arrows of angry words piercing your mental armor, and the spears you use to retaliate. Create new worlds, new feelings, and unheard of metaphors and battles, with talking trees, flowers, herbs, and flying leopards. And who says Zeus did not have a father?

For some reason, imagination and senses of urgency and adversity are helpful. They motivate and strengthen; and, with writing, magic happens to the mind. Its limits expand, its ingenuity grows, its persistence strengthens. Writing illuminates for the mind the path between walls. It helps you through your journey, becoming a weapon. A flashlight is a weapon? You jest. Yes. A weapon. Even if it starts as a tiny bulb, it can grow in brightness, so much so that it has the potential to become a star, a sun that turns night into day.

That is the power you have. That is your gift.

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Issa Al-Aweel advocates through lawyering and writing. All the while, searching the world for its forgotten workings, knowing it’s just an eye’s blink away. His adventures have trespassed on engineering, computer work, medical research, visiting ruins, discovering nature… under the guise of attempts to focus.


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