My second novel The Merchant of Stories is dedicated to my great-grandmother Kamala Nagindas. I write this, not to honour her death–but to remember her life. 

Kamala Nagindas 1.pngKamala Nagindas 2.pngKamala Nagindas 3Kamala Nagindas 4.pngKamala Nagindas 5Kamala Nagindas 6.pngKamala Nagindas 7.pngKamala Nagindas 8Kamala Nagindas 9.pngKamala Nagindas 10.pngKamala Nagindas 11.png

6 thoughts on “Kamala | A Tribute to the Matriarch

  1. Wow, this is so beautiful… Short, simple and heart-touching… With so many beautiful flowers and calligraphic writing… Simply beautiful.

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