In 2018, I returned to the UK after a 13 year hiatus to attend my uncle’s funeral. As the priest guided us through the cremation rituals, I was jolted by a significant, palpable and indescribable shift in the energy in the room. I distinctly sensed the presence of my ancestors and the spirit guides who had gathered to usher the soul from this world to the next.

Death had not severed the bond we had in life. It had only strengthened it. I could see the lifetimes of connections, events and alliances that had taken place for us to be here and for us to depart.

At that point, I had been an astrologer and tarot card reader for some ten years. My speciality was the North and South Node–known in Vedic Astrology as Rahu and Ketu–the two astrological points in the birth chart that reveal the soul’s journey across lifetimes.

After the funeral, I penned down my debut novel The Little Light. It is the tale of a soul’s journey in between lives narrated through a retelling of astrological myths from a myriad of different cultures. As the only author in a family of entrepreneurs, I had always felt out of place. Yet, life must have known things I did not. A few months later—after receiving guidance from the most unexpected of people and places—I started an independent publishing house and author consulting service. At the 2019 London Book Fair, I decided to call it Mith Books.

It was a journey that transformed me inside out–as a soul, as an author and as an entrepreneur. I recently crossed paths with literary agent Yasmin Kane over a shared love for metaphysical stories. We have a fireside chat about the soul’s timeless journey.

Dipa: Every author I’ve met and interviewed in the spirituality genre—myself included—has said that they were ‘called’ to write their books to pass down a message. As a literary agent who represents books in the metaphysical and spiritual genres, could you tell us what inspired you to work with these genres?

Yasmin:  Life doesn’t come with a handbook directing us to head West and keep going until dawn (or North – if you’re a GoT’s fan!). We have to navigate our way around and sometimes life throws difficult lessons. We have to break in two, then become one, part of the wholeness, the oneness.

It is usually through such tempestuous times that one awakens. When we are faced with an onslaught of unthinkable situations, we begin to question the status quo. We question the validity, the very raison d’etre of life itself. What is the meaning of this circus? Why are we here? 

Slowly and not without trials and tribulations, the veil is lifted and one escapes the invisible bonds of illusion.

Imagine if you will, digging toward the core of the earth – we’ve all got a long way to go in expanding consciousness. We are each on a journey which forces us to turn within, perhaps in this lifecycle or another, eventually, we go so far within, yet, we barely scratch the surface of the vastness of our consciousness.

To answer your question – representing books within the spiritual and metaphysical genres was a conscious, yet not an active decision. But as our consciousness creates our reality, I suppose I  was actively involved. Having spent many, many years reading and studying books of this nature, for reasons I will mention below, I did not entertain the idea of working in this field for a very long time. I was very much of the mindset that any such works must be authentic, have an authentic voice and speak the perennial truth in a moving and unique way. Anyone can get on a soapbox but not everyone is meant to. 

What makes an individual’s spiritual experience unique compared to that of another?

Many people have high spiritual experiences, yet this does not necessarily imply a book must be written. Consciousness is not an easy topic to impart to newcomers nor for them to navigate. Everyone is at a different stage on their personal journey.

In moments of fragmented stillness, we hear whispers from our soul, this is when we cease to be the egoic creator and become the all encompassing co-creator. This is how I think and feel and it is the kind of writing I am looking for from writers of metaphysics–writing which moves the ego out of the way and speaks from within.

I very firmly believe that the right books find you, at the right time and you will only attract your own vibration–at any given time. 

Sebastian Siegel, whom I represent, popped up out of the blue. Intuition took over and to this day I don’t know why I set up meetings at the Frankfurt Book Fair without having read a single word from Sebastian’s book The Consciousness Revolution. Pitching unread work is not usual practice for me.

I received the first five chapters of the book on the day I was due to fly to the Book Fair and I read them on the flight to Frankfurt, so I could prep for my meetings. I instantly fell in love with Sebastian’s writing. It had a deeply profound effect on me and immediately put me into a meditative state. 

I don’t remember much of that short flight!

Sebastian is a hugely successful film director and producer who wrote and directed the stunning feature film, Grace and Grit based on Ken Wilber’s breathtakingly moving, bestselling memoir of the same title. Sebastian has taught meditation and lucid dreaming for a long time and has this down to a fine art. This article will give you an idea of how beautiful, moving and utterly mesmeric Sebastian’s prose is.

I simply wish to represent more work like this…

Grace and Grit: The Movie – Integral Life
A still from Siegel’s film Grace and Grit

Dipa: Tell us about your journey with past life regression. What led you to explore this path?

Yasmin:  Since I was 12 years old, I have been obsessed with time travel, after reading A Traveller in Time by Alison Uttley. I very much held deep hope it might be possible during my lifetime – spurred on by Back to the Future, one only needs a DeLorean and a dash of plutonium…

Initially, I had no idea what regression entailed. I stumbled upon it years ago and until very recently did not make the connection between regression and my love of time travel–regression allows me to travel through time, albeit through simultaneous time. I continue to be fascinated by all facets relating to time, temporal time, horology and longitude.

I am intrigued by the afterlife–we are so much more than three dimensional beings. Consciousness is eternal and death is a phenomena which the body goes through. Our consciousness, however, continues. 

Back in 2011, within the same week two friends, unbeknownst to each other, recommended the same book to me–Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss. I had always believed in reincarnation and this book spoke my language. I then read every book by Brian Weiss and as many other books I could lay my hands on discussing life after death, life between lives. Quite frankly, along with time, it’s my favourite subject. 

Many Lives, Many Masters: The true story of a prominent psychiatrist, his  young patient and the past-life therapy that changed both their lives: Dr. Brian Weiss: 8601300438108: Books

I used to spend hours in graveyards as a teenager–the most peaceful place on earth. 

For a long time, I thought about undergoing past life regression but my youngest child was a baby back then, so I never got around to it. Eventually, about a year after reading Brian Weiss, I suddenly felt I wanted to try past life regression. I did and it was utterly mind blowing.

I went in open-minded but just a teeny weeny bit sceptical. I wasn’t sure hypnosis would work on me. Regression uses theta hypnosis, a form of deep hypnosis and I was quite resistant about letting go.

Life took over and I didn’t think about past life regression again for many years until July this year, when I accidentally came across the wonderful Mira Kelley and joined an online past life group regression she was hosting. Again, open-minded but a teeny weeny bit sceptical, questioning whether hypnosis would work online and in a group setting?

It worked and the experience was very moving. The moment I saw her on the live webinar, I felt an instant compulsion to get in touch with Mira. We get along amazingly and have become great friends. We seem to have formed a mutual fan club. I absolutely love this girl and cannot recommend her book enough–Beyond Past Lives by Mira Kelley. Something happened whilst I was being led into hypnosis by Mira in the group regression, it changed the course of my life. 

As a result I am due to study for a masters in Psychology this autumn and plan to train as a past life regressionist. I feel complete–a missing piece has fallen into place. However, I shall very much continue my work as a literary agent. 

I live and work very intuitively. This fits in with how I live and my life’s purpose. 

During regression one experiences the most marvellous stories. These may encompass past or future lives and other probabilities.

I love stories and am forever nurturing others to reach their full potential–working as a regressionist naturally ties in with beliefs I hold dear. It would be such a privilege to regress people, share their stories and help them use tools to heal–hence the desire to study psychology and use transpersonal psychology alongside regression. I don’t just wish to work as a regressionist, I wish to practice regression as a therapy and feel it has to be carried out with a great deal of sensitivity, responsibility and integrity. 

We all have the ability to change our daily reality, by changing our beliefs and our thoughts, thus changing our lives.

All we need is enough awareness. 

Dipa: From Greek to Chinese to Vedic mythologies—cultures all over the world speak of how the soul wipes its memories clean before it is reborn. Why do we ‘forget’ our past lives upon rebirth?

Yasmin: We all know how difficult it can be dealing with baggage from one’s childhood, past events and programmed beliefs in our current lifetime. Can you imagine dealing with events, emotional baggage and beliefs from numerous lifetimes – I doubt our nervous systems would be able to handle it. 

It would also imply we are conditioned not just from this lifetime but recall conditionings from many other lives. Depending on the depth of the conditioning, it would be so confusing for the way our linear minds work – we might possibly all need to be certified!

We are conditioned from infancy and as one dives further into metaphysics–it becomes apparent how much work is involved in order to undo this previous conditioning. This unravelling merely entails conditioning from this lifetime, but there may be overspill from previous lives. If so, it can be worked through but with careful handling. It depends how much overspill there is and how it affects us in our current reality. 

For me it is about piecing the jigsaw together.

It would be impossible to work through every single lifetime right now, as they are happening simultaneously, all time is eternally present…

What we can do is delve into and experience past and future lives–the remarkable fact remains, whatever juncture we are at in our current life, a past life usually illuminates lessons which will benefit us in the here and now. It can be a very healing process.

The most fascinating thing I have learnt is that all lifetimes take place simultaneously. We are unaware of this since time is viewed as a linear process, therefore, we view reincarnation as a sequence of events, rather than a continuous and simultaneous stream of consciousness, alongside our current lives.  

As a teenager I obsessively read copious amounts of T.S. Eliot and have spent years wrangling with the issue of linear time. T.S. Eliot talks about all time being eternally present and unredeemable. I  believed T.S. Eliot. It felt so right, yet his words defied the laws of physics and how the earth spins and the entire framework of linear time. Back then, I vowed The Four Quartets would be my life’s work – not much has changed, I still love them.

Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot

Dipa: In life, there are moments when we are hit with an unexplainable sense of déjà vu where suddenly we ‘remember’. How and why does this happen? Why do we forget only to remember?

Yasmin:  We remember what we need to know, when we need to know it. Intuition is remarkably clever, if we have the courage to open ourselves and trust the process – we are so much more than three dimensional beings – I could go on forever, but I fear I shall lose your readers along the way.

We only wake up where we fell asleep – this means if we have been delving into metaphysics in a previous life, we  will wake up and recall this, and be drawn toward spirituality. To a certain extent there is a blueprint, our soul decides what it will learn in each lifetime, but we also have free will.

In each instant, we can choose to listen to our intuition or veer off the path and ignore it. Nothing is set in stone, there is a path but it is up to us to recall that path, choose to remain on it or wander away from it. Consciousness created free will – it is up to each of us to balance free will with the all encompassing voice from within – who do you choose to follow?

Dipa: Some soul relationships continue over many lifetimes, whilst others are momentary and fleeting. Why do some souls choose to meet each other again and again over several lifetimes whilst other relationships fall to the wayside?

Yasmin:  I get very excited about this! 

This is such a stunning concept–it all comes down to soul clusters. We all come from soul clusters, where we decide in advance what lessons each incarnation will hold for us. We sometimes meet the same souls over and over as we learn and teach in turn. Sometimes the lessons are hard for the teacher and student, but these are issues the oversoul (paramatman) wishes to delve into.

In some lifetimes we meet our soulmates, in others, we are not united. I am still on the fence about twin flames–I truly love the concept but don’t quite see the basis for it. Each of us is on a personal journey purporting the growth of our own consciousness. However, I do fully comprehend souls come together to aid one another in this growth.

I tend to be rather cerebral about it. I just feel we are all equal.

Some souls are here as sign posts and may not be present for the duration of one’s life. They may simply pop up, point the way and move along. We would learn very little if we only showed up with the same gang each time.

Then there are others we connect with immediately, illuminating a wondrous sense of deja vu. We somehow feel inexplicably bound–we know we have shared lifetimes. It is an instant and innate sense, we know it intuitively–followed by a very comfortable feeling, where we feel liberated to be our true intimate self and feel very much at ease in their company.

And yes, there are people we’ve shared many lives with, that beautiful and intimate connection lives on, life after life. Love lives on forever, continuously through many simultaneous incarnations and beyond. If two people are meant to be together, they will find one other, nothing will stand in the way, provided both graciously surrender to their divinity within – unless they go off course, whereby either of their consciousness chooses to exercise free will and create new choices.

Recognition comes in many forms;  we feel it the instant they come into our life, it is not easy to explain but we feel as though we have been hit by a tsunami of emotions, yet, none of them can be articulated or make any sense whatsoever. In fact, we don’t know what it is, but the connection is earth shatteringly huge.

Sometimes, there’s a rhythm to their speech pattern which feels familiar or their mannerisms, gestures, anything can suddenly make us wonder, where do I know you from? 

Ultimately, we are all soulmates, beings of love and light – share your love, shine your light.

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  1. Interesting interview, Dipa. I loved your book ‘The Little Light’. So nice to see you having these fireside chats with people who are on the same path. I wish you both love and peace.

    1. I loved Dipa’s book as well. This interview with Yasmin was interesting. Hadn’t heard much about past life regression…

      1. I loved Dipa’s book as well. The Little Light is an incredibly imaginative read.

      2. Wonderful interview, Dipa. Reincarnation is a very old concept in Eastern traditions. Good to see that the West is starting to see value in it.

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