For Spiritual Healing, Ask These 3 Questions

Many of us carry deep wounds in our spirit without realising it. It can be hard to know where or when this wounding began. To modern psychologists, it began in our childhood; the memories of which are buried in our subconscious. According to certain theological beliefs, we were born that way. Other traditions hold that it is trauma that we’ve carried over from our past lives.

This is not an article to question, dismiss or debate different beliefs around the world. The purpose of this is to ask yourself certain questions with which to ascertain your ideas and beliefs. You may choose to discuss these questions with a trusted friend or write them down in your journal.

1. Describe God

What are some of the traits, qualities and attributes that you ascribe to this concept? Does a gender come to mind? Don’t think too hard. Trust your instinctual and intuitive responses.

2. What is the purpose of religion?

Religions across the world have both similarities and differences. Which religious faith(s) do you find yourself drawn to? Why? What purpose does it serve in your life?

3. Is religion currently serving its purpose?

If your answer is yes, elaborate on why you came to this conclusion. If your answer is no, think deeper into the events that led to this belief.

I invite brave souls to leave their thoughts to these deep questions in the comment box below.

By G. Michael

G. Michael | Editor-in-Chief | Mith Books


  1. I’m one of those people who is spiritual, but not religious. Many of the old religions are plagued by dogma–not so much the teachings themselves—but the people who run these organisations. They are no different to politicians or leaders of corporations. The true spiritual teachers are rare.

  2. I think the purpose of religion is to give structure to spirituality. Some of these structures are time-tested and others need to change with the times.

  3. The purpose of religion is to create manmade laws with which to understand the unseen world.

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