“What would you do if you had your very own magic wand?” I asked as she sat across from me.

She smirked and put a hand on her forehead. She shook her head half-amused… but I was dead serious.

“I know you’re serious,” she says, sensing my thoughts. “Why don’t we ask the cards?”

My boss reaches for one of her tarot card decks. It’s become a daily ritual of ours. To gaze at a card, study its symbols and derive its message.

The Wildwood Tarot deck,” I say.

She reaches for the moss green deck that she purchased some years ago in Japan. I was there when she first bought it. We have so many tools at our fingertips to look into our soul, but we use so few. We spend too much time looking for answers in the outside world, when quite often the real answers lay within.

My boss cuts the deck a few times.

“You know,” she says, “these cards are an extension of me. I know each card intimately. And yet, on any given day, I never know which card I’m going to get… Also, they never fail to surprise me. I often find myself rethinking how I view certain concepts and ideas. Tarot is a lifelong journey.”

Helios walks in at that very moment. Like me, he was introduced to tarot by our trusted reader. We would never allow anyone else to read for us. The truth is, the messages are never in the cards themselves, but the person who is passing the message.

The reader is the one who reads. Without the reader, the cards are just ink on paper.

My boss cuts the deck a few more times. When she’s done shuffling, she spreads the cards out and selects one. We’ve done this dozens of times, but I still feel trepidation and excitement. You never know what you’re going to get. There are 78 cards in total. They consist of the major arcana and the four suits.

My boss turns the card around. It is the Knight of Arrows. The Hawk.

bird flying

I smile. If you’ve ever been in an airplane or even a tall building, you know that from that vantage point, everything looks small and trivial. You see people walking on the streets. They’re so tiny, they might as well be ants. You try to find the high end stores you meander past longingly everyday. You can barely even see them from up above. It all just seems so utterly trivial that you can’t imagine how you thought it was such a big issue

“The Hawk is all about perspective,” I say. “He’s telling you to discard your current perspective of being ‘on the ground’. Gaze down at the world from a higher plane. This will give you the opportunity to see things you otherwise miss; and not see things that you usually notice.”

She nods and smiles. My boss is never one for open displays of pride. She’s a critic who can dice you with her words, but her compliments are always succinct and sincere.

“You’re a good reader,” she says.

It’s a proud moment. I feel like ‘a young man’ getting a compliment from his favourite teacher.

“I learnt from you,” I say. “I’ve been reading your blog for years… From back when you still had a section called ‘The Tarot Times‘.”

She shakes her head and sighs. “You never know who is watching… Little did I know that a hawk like you was watching my every move from afar.”

I laugh. “So,” I say. “What would you wish for if you had your very own magic wand?”

She throws her head back and laughs. “It seems my wish has already been granted.”

3 thoughts on “A Deck of Cards | A Message from Above

  1. A sharp animal with clear vision. That is what the bird’s eye view gives us… Vision.

  2. Perception is everything. Our senses never show us the whole truth. In the animal kingdom, each animal has a certain ‘sense’ that is stronger than others. Birds can see a bigger picture. Ants are down on the ground…

  3. Another enlightening post. True enough, it’s the perspective that matters. Gazing down from a higher plane widens your perspective and you are able to view certain things from a wider aspect. Truly wonderful!

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