If you are here after having finished the first draft of your manuscript, congratulations! You have come a long way. You have reached the first major milestone of the publication journey. If you’re here because you have an incomplete draft of a manuscript and are wondering what your next step should be, Mith Books is here as a compass to shine a torch in the right direction.

Authors typically ask their friends, family and members of their writing group to give them feedback on their work. This is the first step in understanding the response of readers who will have the pleasure of reading your words.

The next step is to collaborate with a team of dedicated professionals–which includes editors and independent book reviewers–to ascertain the best possible way to position your book in the marketplace.

As part of our mission to strengthen interfaith and cross-cultural dialogue, Mith Books works with authors from all the Seven Seas of the Sun. As avid readers and authors, we understand firsthand what it takes to write a book that will resonate with readers. We understand the value of working with a dedicated team to take your work to the next level.

You can count on our support you as you create relationships with readers from all over the world.

Working With Us

At Mith Books, we believe in embracing the uniqueness of each book that comes to us. We unearth the gems in your words and polish them so that they may shine even brighter. 

Our team of editors and independent book reviewers provide the experience of a first-time reader and offer specific feedback that will propel authors forward on the path towards publication.

We study and dissect books that have succeeded in the marketplace to understand what resonates with a particular target audience. We give feedback based on the perspective of a reader of your book. At the same time, as writers ourselves, we are empathetic to the woes of the writer. This shapes our feedback into what works best for you, the author. 

We take time to carefully comb through your book as we prepare your manuscript for publication. While doing this, we make sure that our feedback is in line with your vision. Our dedicated team at Mith Books is here to bring out the best in your book so that your words may shine as brightly as possible.

By the time you have completed your manuscript appraisal, you will have invaluable knowledge pertaining to the experience of a first-time reader of your book. You will also receive suggestions to enhance your book’s strengths.

Writing is not a solitary pursuit. It is an adventurous journey that is best enjoyed when undertaken with a dedicated team that will partner with you to make sure that you reach your destination.

Mith Books looks forward to joining you on your journey as you get your dreams inked.

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