Your desire, and the desire of the Great Light, are one and the same. It is now that your light can manifest in the world of matter.

The Little Light by Dipa Sanatani

Our higher self exists in an intangible world which we cannot see but whose imprint we can vaguely remember. For many of us, it is daily struggle to live in alignment with our higher self. Life doesn’t always present us with the opportunity to be our true self right away. You see, when we come into the material plane of existence, our higher self is hidden away from us. We may even be asked to hide it from the world that we physically inhabit. Why, you might ask?

In Dipa Sanatani’s The Little Light, she takes us on an allegorical journey through the events that transpire in between death and rebirth. In the Zoroastrian faith, there is a concept called Fravashi. The word fra-vashi is a compound. The first part means “first, primeval, primordial” and the second part vashi is “wish, desire, will.” It refers to the preexisting external higher soul or ‘essence’. The word fravashi is also commonly perceived to have var–meaning “to choose”–as its root.

We exercise our freedom to choose and descend from the spiritual plane to the material plane. Some believe that ascension is superior to the descent; but we all know that progress is never linear. Descending into a human body is necessary for our spiritual growth. Suffering–and perhaps even understanding and combating the forces of evil–leads to a higher form of wisdom that would not have been possible without the descent.

Each individual’s fravashi, is distinct from the urvan the living soul that incarnates in a human body. It subtly guides the individual in life towards the realisation of his higher self. In the Zoroastrian faith; it is believed that after death, the soul is reunited with its fravashi.

The Faravahar, one of the primary symbols of Zoroastrianism.

Death and Reunion

Kamala Ba. Without you, none of this would have ever happened. Without you, there would be no life, no creation, no love. You are the source of all existence and to whom we will all inevitably return.

A letter by Dipa Sanatani to her great-grandmother in The Merchant of Stories

Our mothers bring us into this world because we have work to do. But in the end, everything returns to its original source. If you completed the work you came to do as a spiritual being temporarily inhabiting the material plane, then you know that death is merely returning to the source.

I think the main reasons why people fear even the mention of death is because so many souls have unfinished business that brings them back to the material plane over and over again. For those who see death as a culmination of life, death is a celebration of what was–not what was unfinished or lost.

The human body is just a temporary home. We are visitors on planet earth and one fine morning, afternoon or evening–we will have to leave.

While we are here, we must do our work and do it well. Only then can we leave with no regrets. After all, our physical existence on planet earth was only ever meant to be a short sojourn away from our fravashi, our higher self.

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5 thoughts on “Fravashi | The Hidden Higher Self

  1. “Each individual’s fravashi, is distinct from the urvan the living soul that incarnates in a human body.” Oh, I have heard of this concept before–on how there are different aspects of the same soul.

    1. Is this why we forget memories of our past lives when we are born? While our higher self continues to exist, this ‘living soul’ sort of passes on?

      1. So in Buddhism, we believe that there is this tea you drink at the end of the process of judgment so that you don’t remember all the memories from your past life. It can be too much for the human mind to remember everything that happened (and didn’t happen) in our previous incarnations. As it is, it is too much to handle even one life!

        Dipa’s book The Little Light has narrated the journey of the soul in between realms in a fun and entertaining way as she explains the spiritual concepts of death and rebirth through an allegorical story. In the book, she kind of suggests that the only memories we keep are the ones that are necessary for our present incarnation.

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