Look out – when 2 Pisces spirit geeks from opposite sides of the earth get together the conversation can get both deep and wild – and well as playful and fun! That’s exactly what happens in this video interview with Art of Awakening’s Ona Christie Martin and Mith Books’ Dipa Sanatani.

Tune in and dive into the world of spirit, including spirit animals, ancestors, animal gods and goddesses, and more!

About the Speakers

Ona Christie Martin is the Principal Consultant at Art of Awakening, Ona Christie guides and mentors those who desire true transformation through soul visioning. Soul Visioning is a unique spiritual mentoring process that uses clairvoyant energy work, spiritual coaching, and art—in partnership with Nature—to help you sharpen your spiritual vision and achieve a balanced state of awareness and connection with Spirit, Nature, and your own inner wisdom.

Dipa Sanatani is a 4th-generation entrepreneur and educator. She is the Publisher at Mith Books and a Senior Investment Analyst at The Mercantile. Through her work, Dipa aligns the Soul with its Quest on Planet Earth through world cosmology and mythological archetypes. In her stories, she tackles the big themes of life, love, and our place in this vast universe, discovering and re-discovering the journey that is life with a deep sense of curiosity and a restless thirst for the next great adventure.

3 thoughts on “Spirit Animals, Ancestors and Deities | Ona Christie Martin and Dipa Sanatani

  1. Wow, an incredible interview! Innocence, depth and wisdom all interwoven. Just lovely.

    For my animals, I picked octopus, tiger and lion. Actually two of my animals quite similar, don’t you think… Haha.

  2. I loved how Dipa brought together ideas from both her Hindu Heritage as well as Chinese culture. Singapore is indeed a melting pot of different cultures.

    Another point I found unique is that Asian cultures don’t have a lot of literature or don’t focus much on the Angelic realm that Ona spoke about. I would be curious to know/learn more on this topic. What does the realm of the angelic realm look like and how does in function?

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