Do we really think that the Earth–the Mother of all Life–is some damsel in distress who can’t take care of herself? Is Mother Nature a princess who is waiting for her prince charming?

I don’t think so.

And yet, this is the narrative I am assaulted with time and time again whenever I have to read about these so-called green initiatives.

When I was a teenager, environmental initiatives were largely ignored. The image that came to mind back then was one of tree-hugging protestors who hated large corporations. But as sustainability becomes ‘cool’ and as funds allocated to green financing grows; we now have to pay heed to companies that engage in “greenwashing” — the exaggeration of sustainability claims to entice investors and customers.

We can’t possibly be the ones to ‘rescue’ the planet as I don’t believe Mother Earth needs us for her survival. Realistically speaking, when was the last time you gave Mother Earth something? I’m not judging you or anything like that–but do take the time to ponder the question.

I recently read in the news a comment by a certain spokesperson that ‘sustainable investing’ drives long-term financial performance while simultaneously creating a positive impact on the environment. While I agree with this viewpoint, I still think it’s far too vague as far as a sustainable plan is concerned.

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First, we need to define what this positive impact actually is. Are we just looking to undo the destructive trends of past generations? Are we looking to piggy back on a trend that is growing? What exactly do we care about? If you don’t have the answer just yet, that’s perfectly fine.

Sit down, take a deep breath–and do some soul searching.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet many business owners in recent months who all want to go green. I think it’s a noble pursuit. I applaud it. I think more people should go green. Not only do we need to. Many of us want to.

But, for Heaven’s sake, please no rescue plans. Mother Earth is not a damsel in distress… but the most powerful woman in the world. So perhaps it would be wiser to offer her a gift… I have a feeling she might prefer that to a rescue search party.

Till next time, stay green.

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