She keeps me up late
I wake her up early
Sleepless nights, early mornings
Time flows like a river
Out into the infinite sea

My attempts to lull her to sleep
Utterly futile
My attempts to awaken her
Earn me an elbow in the face

My mad owl
Awakens in the twilight

What madness did I sign up for?
Why did I sign up for more?

Haven’t you had enough, she asks.
Don’t I frustrate you
Make you want to run
Make you want to hide

I laugh.

Where would I run?
Where would I hide?
Why would I run?
Why would I hide?

It doesn’t matter where I go
Or where I flow
Or what hour I awake
Or what hour I sleep

All the roads
All the seas
All the flights
All the voyages
Will only ever bring me back
Bring me back to you.

My mad owl
Oh, how she keeps me up at night.

Go on, then.
Elbow me in the morning.
Lord knows I’ve earned it

I won’t run.
I won’t hide.
I won’t go anywhere.
I will stay by your side.

I’ve nowhere to go
Nowhere to be
Except to be with you.

I’ll let you stay up late
If you promise to wake up early
Next to me… and only me.

Oh solitary bird
Thank you.
Thank you for choosing me.

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