Where would this world be without those who are brave enough to throw caution to the wind and follow the stirrings of their soul?

What is this mysterious force that hides in the heavens and sends forth an arrow that causes two souls to fall deeply in love?

What is this grip I feel on my heart whenever I am by your side?

My unspoken words tie themselves around my throat, waiting to be heard

Why can’t I simply say what is in my heart?

What am I so afraid of?

Why can’t I just be free?

The pure joy I feel when I am with you
Is unsurpassed and unsurpassable.
Like you, I long to throw caution to the wind
And follow the dictates of my heart
Without remorse or regret

And yet this fear, it grips me in the dark
It holds me back
From being who I know I am
From being all that I know I am

And there's only one place for me
In your tender heart
In your warm arms
By your side
As the dawn rises
As the sun sleeps
At night and come morning light

Come home to me
Go wherever you want
Take me with you.
Don't go alone.

I will walk by your side
Beside you
Never ahead and never behind

If there's nowhere you want to go
Or nowhere you long to be
Just come home, my dearest darling.
Come home to me. 

May I be lucky enough
May fortune shine down on me
May your blessed and lucky feet
Walk and meander my way

May your footsteps gently find their way
Back to me.
Into my arms
For in your embrace is where I belong. 

If I can't be with you
There's no one else for me. 
I'll wait and won't give up.

Oh Great Traveller,
The next time you decide to throw caution to the wind
Let it be for me. 

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