You can have the world in the palm of your hand or you can go out and greet the world.

That is the choice.

The future is an open book with an empty page where you get to write the story of your life.

You wonder–of the two options presented to you–which path will bring you happiness and all the lovely sumptuous things that life can offer.

You wonder, which path will derail your plans and get you right back to square one.

Sometimes in life, we are given no choice in the matter. I don’t believe we choose when or where we are born; or the moment when we will pass on and leave this world.

If you live a long life, you can foresee towards the end that your days are numbered, and it is–as they say–only a matter of time before the inevitable occurs. In other instances, we depart before it is our time. Death happens suddenly, without forewarning. And then, it is all over before it even begun.

And sometimes, we are given a choice. A choice whose echo will reverberate in our lives, and quite possibly for generations to come. These are the choices, the turning points and the definitive moments that come to define our life’s legacy on earth.

What did you choose to do with these choices at those pivotal moments?

It is not how–or where–we are born or how we die that really defines our fleeting human existence. It is the choices we make, when they are presented to us, that define who we are as individuals and the values that we hold dear.

Imagine, if one day, a wish-granting genie were to show up at your doorstep and offer you two options. Neither one intrinsically good or bad. Both choices came with opportunities and challenges. Both choices came with the good and the bad. You also had no way of knowing which was the ‘right’ choice, because there isn’t one.

The only thing you had to figure out is–which choice is right for you.

Both choices require you to take a risk. Both choices ask you to give something and receive something. And both choices are perfectly legitimate options.

It is at these critical junctures that life asks us, “What will you choose?”

Once again, this is not a choice with an obvious answer. The pendulum can indeed swing in either way. One thing you cannot do is walk both paths. You can only choose one.

Will you follow your heart, your gut, your soul, your intellect, your mind, your wildest dreams, your…

Does the higher power know which choice we will make? Is free will simply an illusion that appears as a mirage on destiny’s pathway?

I’m not even going to ask you to choose wisely because this is not even one of those choices where either choice is intrinsically wrong or right.

Here, life is not asking you to make a choice; but a decision.

What will you decide? How will you decide? And most importantly, how will it come to define your life’s legacy?

Tell me–will you hold the world in the palm of your hand or will you go out to greet it?

The choice is yours.

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