I wish I had a different father

Did he leave us for someone better? Was she more beautiful, more qualified, more intelligent, more…


She looked like an old hag. She was a young girl who had barely made it past puberty. You totally and absolutely cannot see what he sees in her. If only you had a magnifying glass and binoculars, you would perhaps see it, too.

In his eyes, she sparkles. In her eyes, she pretends he sparkles. In our eyes, she is the home wrecker. The one who brought our entire family to its knees and left us to beg out on the streets.

He’s a piece of scum, through and through. You’re left dangling and hanging on for dear life wondering what in the world your poor mother ever saw in this sorry excuse for a human being.

And no, ‘the other woman’ and him won’t live happily ever after. She’ll, for sure, dump him when his money runs out. Joke is on you, bro.

Why is it so easy for men to jump from woman to woman?

Women make it easy for men to jump from woman to woman. Would you be with a married woman? I wouldn’t. There are a lot of fresh fish in the sea and another man’s woman is not my cup of tea.

What’s a woman’s first reaction when she finds out the other half is having an affair? She blames the other woman. Perhaps rightfully so. But is there another culprit here?

Oh yes. Him!

He’s perfectly logical at work and utterly irrational when it comes to relationships.

Who are these women who allow themselves to hurt other women?

Who are these women who allow themselves to break up an entire family and shatter a home to pieces?

Who are these men who throw away their marriage, their children and all of their responsibilities because of a spark?

Light up a candle and call it a day. You’ll see sparks eventually.

I’ve spoken to countless men about why they cheat. I’m not talking about consenting polyamorous relationships here. I am talking about the man who has an affair and destroys his family in the process. This is not just a sex thing–especially if money and finances get involved in the process.

Is the other woman a gold digger? Of course, she is!

How dumb can the guy be?

Pretty damn dumb. You can tell by the calibre of the woman he’s chosen to have an affair with.

But it’s the wife’s fault. No matter what, it’s always the wife’s fault. She didn’t work at the relationship hard enough, she wasn’t beautiful enough, she wasn’t intelligent enough.

So tell me–why is the other woman not a single one of those things?

For those of you who decide to have affairs because the spark is gone, I tell you one thing. Don’t do it if you have kids.

God will forgive you. But they never will.

They’ll be waiting… for the day that spark you felt ends up setting you on fire.

And on that day, they won’t be there to extinguish it.

Go on then–find that spark and set it aflame. Just don’t call me when you get burnt. I don’t care. You were dead to me long ago.

May we never meet again, not in this life nor the next. I believe in God, but I don’t understand how I came into this world through a sorry human being like you.

In my next life, I pray for a different father. A father who is actually a father and not a sperm donor.

One who isn’t a drunk. One who isn’t a womaniser. One who isn’t a loser like you. One who doesn’t hit his kids and leave them out on the street.

In my next life, may I be blessed with a father who is anyone but you.

When you die and your life flashes past your eyes, I hope you will finally understand all the hurt you caused to those whose only crime was to love you. Perhaps you will have regrets. Perhaps you won’t.

But for me, my biggest regret in life, was being born your son. Regrettable. The choice my mother made in you. A regret I have to live with.

Good thing another man adopted me. Raised me as his own. He wasn’t rich like you. He wasn’t a womaniser like you.

You left me out on the street. But you don’t worry. Someone found me.

I turned out okay. I’m okay. I turned out okay.

I’m better than ever, without you.

By Steve

Perfectionist | Visionary | Proud Sibling


  1. I liked how the article intermingled raw emotions with bold expression.

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