The little black cat
Looks into his reflection
And sees a panther
The joke is on him.

The panther jumps 
Out of the water
The cat drowns
No one is laughing.

There is no panther
There is no cat
It's all in your head

In the flawed mirror
Where there is everything
And nothing

To be, and, not to be...

There was everything
And there was nothing.

The joke is on me.
It is no laughing matter.

My mirror amuses me.

I, but a cat
That sees a panther
And the panther
But a cat
That doesn't see me.

Moonlight, a flawed mirror
That creates worlds
That only ever exist in our heads

I am the cat
I am the panther
But I am not the lake
I am not the mirror

I am the flawed mirror.
For I am not flawless
Flawed, I am.

Did I ever tell you that the lake;
It never lies.

It is your eyes
That deceive you.

None of this will survive daybreak
When the sun shines
When the dawn breaks

When your dreams are all dead
As are the illusions in your head

I am a cat.
I am a panther.
Who is to say which is real?

I dip my toe in the lake
The panther disappears.

I am flawed.
But I am no flawed mirror.

Moonlight shimmers on the lake
A gift of illusionary pleasures

I am the cat
The lake is a lake
The panther only existed in my head.

At least
It existed there.

Till the dawn breaks...
And rears its silly head

The joke is on all of us.

There is no cat
There is no panther.

Only sunlight 
And moonlight
And starlight...

And the characters who reside
In your silly head.

Laugh, my little cat
Giggle, my little panther.

It is all a joke
Smile a little
Don't be so serious.
Even if the joke is on you.

I promise you 
I'll be a good cat from now on...
Image Credit: Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba

2 thoughts on “The Flawed Mirror

  1. Wow, that was a nice little poem with such a deep inspiring message. Loved it. And loved the line “Laugh.
    Even if the joke is on you” more!

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