I Admire
The Warrior

The Woman
The Man
The Future Child

Who goes out
Into the world

Who comes out
Into the world

Follows the fight
That burns bright

I Admire
The Woman
The Man
The Child

Who fights
For a dream
For a loved one
For a purpose
For a cause

I Admire 
The Wounded Soldier
Who battles on
When all is lost.

I Admire You
My Warrior Queen
For Fighting for The Man

Who no one fought for
For defending the man
Who had no one.

For standing tall 
For the lonely soldier
Who had fallen.

It is because of You;
He rises
Because of You;
That He believes

In Himself
In the Almighty

I Admire 
The Woman
The Warrior Queen

Who stood tall
While everyone else cowered
And fought for The Man

That everyone abandoned.
That everyone forsook.
That everyone left for dead.

And told him,
I love you.

You are a Child of The Great Light
And as long as you are mine
No one will harm you.

If they dare,
They will face the wrath
Of this tiger's terror
That can never
Ever be tamed

She admires
The General 
Within me
Who fought
And refused to give up. 

I admire
The Warrior 
Within Her
Who fought
When everyone else 
Cowered shamelessly.

She is a Fighter.
I am a Warrior.
We are Partners. 

We will forever be
Together on the battlefield
Till the Almighty calls us back

Till then,
We fight the good fight
Till we are released 
From our service.

And then,
We will finally 
At long last;
Breathe free. 

Author's Note: This poem is dedicated to the bravest and strongest woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You know who you are. 

5 thoughts on “My Warrior Queen

  1. She sounds like a fascinating person. I wonder if I will get to meet this mystery lady someday… 😀

  2. What a wonderful poem! Romantic, fierce and powerful… And we all admire the Warrior Queen.

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