It was a catastrophic campaign of revolutionary violence. One that would usher in a new historical era. Two metal-birds flew into two metal-towers.

I was only a teenager at the time. They told me it was inspired by religion. But was it, really?

If you ask me, it was inspired by politics. Geopolitics. The world order was changing.

The catalysts of chaos created and re-created chaos to reimagine the world. A world reimagined in one man’s twisted image. In the eyes of the world, it started in 2001. On 9/11. That’s the official date. But in reality, it started well before that. It was all pre-planned.

The roots of the conflict–of this conflict–were first planted in the soil in 1986, a decade and a half before the attack.

In 1996, a war was declared.

In 1998, the first bombs went off.

In his mind, he was a victim of foreign occupation and oppression. But what would he know about being a victim?

His father was a wealthy construction magnate whose company was renowned for the opulent palaces it built.

How can a builder destroy two twin towers so callously? Having succeeded at destruction; he and his brothers became more brazen and emboldened.

Are they brothers? Are they brothers who are united or brothers at war with the world and with each other?

Are we all just brothers who kill each other?

Cain and Abel, 15th-century German depiction from Speculum Humanae Salvationis

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