Exhibition halls are vast and large buildings. When they’re empty, nothing happens… Till something does.

A mob of people gather. They gather for a common purpose. From trade fairs where buyers and sellers come together to big sporting events like the Olympics–these large halls are where the big dreams we dream up in our bedroom are given the opportunity to turn into reality.

From the people who set up stalls to the dreamers who are just sussing out what is on offer–the exhibition hall provides a chance. But it’s not just any old chance. It isn’t even the opportunity of a lifetime. It is, at best, a meeting place.

And if you’re lucky–and I mean really lucky–it is a time and place where a fated meeting…. will take place.

For the stallholder, every stand is a chance to display their ingenuity, make some sales, and keep their idea growing. Out of these numerous ideas, which is the one that will strike gold?

The printing press, for instance, allowed knowledge to be passed between people who would never have had the chance to meet. And this includes across time as well as space. The same is true for the radio, TV and the internet. The transportation industry is necessary, not just to gather people from all over the world, but to exchange ideas as well.

Gadgets and devices are now so deeply integrated into the functioning of the world economy. But for most of human history, we managed to exist and co-exist without them. It was WWII that accelerated the process of computer development as Navies needed help calculating the trajectory of shells fired over a range of several miles while at sea. Just to put things into context: The Cray Supercomputer, launched in early 1970s, cost $37m in today’s terms and had a memory of eight megabytes.

The first breakthrough in shrinking the computer came in 1947 with the invention of a semiconductor device known as the transistor. It was this breakthrough that laid the foundation for the rise of the region that is now known as Silicon Valley.

If random strangers never took a chance on themselves or on each other–none of this would have ever happened. Period. And it all started with a fated meeting…

The concept of a land-owning and ruling class is cliche. It has been for a long time. It is as old world and old school as it gets.

Copyright, patents and intellectual property… That’s where I’ll be investing my time and money till that fated meeting takes place.

Your brain is your biggest asset.

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