A system that imprisons you will never offer you freedom. The further up the ladder you climb, the stronger and more sturdy the metal bars become. Over the past few months, I have watched numerous videos of how wild animals behave when they are caged.

We put them away in these places even though they have committed no crimes. We have caged away their majesty because we fear them. We fear the wild that resides within them and is a part of them. We put them in cages and then we keep them for our amusement. We make them do tricks and offer them treats. We domesticate them. Animals that refuse to be domesticated have historically found it hard to live alongside human civilisation. We destroy their homes in the name of progress. We take their homes away from them to build our own.

Do we have anyone’s permission? When the legal system is corrupt at its very core, it permits all sorts of crimes. That is why Justice is depicted as a blind maiden. She sees nothing. She hears the call and the cry of the Land, but she refuses to hear it.

The diversity of all of Mother Nature’s creations saw a resurgence and rebirth during pandemic. Otters roam the streets as though they own them. Turtles too scared to return home reemerge on our shores.

The Earth cries her War Cry. All our victories are short-lived.

Mother Nature is a Warrior.

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