Stop… I could hear a voice whisper. Stop… You are about to make a decision you will live to regret. It was a whisper, but its voice was loud. Was I being warned or forewarned?

Before you make an irreversible decision, does a voice whisper, telling you that you are going to make a decision whose repercussions and consequences will be too big to bear? Does the voice tell you what will happen–or does the voice only tell you, “Stop… Don’t do this.”

I could feel the panic pulsating through my body. I was in complete agony. Was it even something I wanted to do? I’m not sure that it was. For some reason, though, it felt like it was something I needed to do. I needed to make a decision. A decision that would change things forever.

The Birth of Mars

Lord Shiva never had any intention of fathering a child. Kamadeva, the cupid of Hinduism, shot an arrow from his quiver towards Lord Shiva, who was deep within, in the trance of meditative bliss.

Kamadeva shot the arrow towards Lord Shiva knowing that it would both arouse him as well as awaken his senses. When Shiva awoke to what was happening, he flew into a fearsome rage. He blasted Kamadeva, reducing him to a pillar of ashes. Kamadeva, however, had succeeded in his mission.

The seed that arouse within Shiva was hot. The river of Lord Shiva’s desire was so hot that the myths say it had to be cooled in the Ganges River. The Krittikas–the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades–were bathing in the Ganges at the time and became pregnant. This led to the birth of Kartikeya or Mars.

Mars is a highly masculine planet that is a hunter. What does a hunter do? He goes out into the world and hunts. His life is about taking action. He recognises danger and knows it well. The voice of fear that takes hold within him implores and chides him to exercise caution and not put himself into harm’s way.

His duty is not only to defend, but to provide. The force of Mars in your natal chart represents courage, strength and the ability to overcome your fears–to overcome that voice that advises caution. Mars and Mars alone has the ability to overcome his fears and to tame Nature. He has the capacity to achieve any goal that he sets. But this latent potential can only be actualised through the overcoming of one’s fears.

Does Mars create difficulty in one’s life? I don’t think so. As a hunter, Mars is no stranger to accidents, injuries and the act and art of violence. A hunter is a predator. He cannot, under any circumstances, allow himself to become a prey. This is a difficult path to choose and many obstacles must be overcome.

When your Mars energy grows weak, you are likely to dissipate its energy into too many different directions. But how does your Mars energy grow weak in the first place? Is it through a ‘bad placement’ in the natal chart? I think not.

A ‘weak’ Mars can be discerned in people who dissipate the hunting prowess by going after prey that cannot provide for them or can no longer provide for them. Can you imagine a hunter coming home with a rabbit to feed his entire family?

They would all starve.

Kartikeya at Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore

The Wolf Pack

I once saw a documentary about the wolves of the Arctic. You could say they live in one of the most hostile environments on earth. Prey animals are neither abundant nor easily found. To survive as a unit, they would have to hunt collectively to bring home a big kill for the pack.

Arctic wolves are carnivores. They prey on both small and medium-sized animals. Prominent among these mammals are: the peary caribou, arctic hares and the musk-oxen. The wolf’s diet also includes: seals, birds, lemmings, mice, arctic foxes, beetles, and ptarmigans.

A hostile habitat such as the Arctic can only offer a limited supply of food to arctic wolves. But wolves always hunt in packs and this is what defines their hunting success. If they hunt alone, they might end up with nothing.

When ready, the wolves that are hunting will confront the prey animals. Most prey animals will flee when confronted, but larger animals such as the moose or bison may stand their ground and fight. In this situation, the wolves will continuously circle and attack when they find an advantage. While the numbers of in the pack can help in bringing down a large prey, a lone wolf is still a formidable killer and able to take down an animal on its own.

Once a prey has been successfully hunted, the alphas–usually one male and one female–will eat first. Then, it will go down the ranks of the pack hierarchy in turn until the entire animal has been consumed.

Your Mars Placement

Mars, as a natal placement, is particularly strong in Aries and Scorpio. Be mindful, however, that a strong placement in the birth chart does not equate to good decision-making. How often can a hunter return home empty-handed? Not too often, for the clan would starve.

At the same time, if the hunter ‘over hunts’, the cycle of life and death in the environment will be irreparably harmed. If the hunter over hunts and others cannot eat, then there will be consequences for the one who has taken too much.

In indigenous communities, there always existed laws regarding what could be hunted and when it could be hunted. Hunters, while ferocious predators, were not permitted to take anything they wanted at anytime they wanted. They were still bound to the laws of nature and the laws of life and death.

When we lived in tribes and within the confines of the clan, people who took more than what they needed, who defied the hunting laws, or who hoarded resources that they did not need–were usually punished or shunned. In the same way, Mars energy is reminding you to see, look at and understand the big picture.

If you are taking far more than what you need, eventually Nature, the Universe or even the Clan will met out justice.

We are all part of the circle of life and we are all Nature’s children. But if we decide to be naughty kids… Well, let’s just say that that is probably not a very good idea.

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