If the Sun represents our fortune, then Jupiter represents our favours. Yellow is the colour associated with Jupiter, much like the Sun. Jupiter and the Sun are the Cosmic Forces that we associate with abundance and illumination.

Wherever the Sun sits in our natal chart, he brings illumination to that house and that constellation. He is the Ultimate Fire. The purifying fire. The Sun enables one to see all that is hidden. The Sun strengthens our ability to truly see and gaze upon with discernment what is before our very eyes. He is the Light Giver.

The Sun is the Life Force. His light allows for plants to grow. Plants which later feed the many members of the animal kingdom. The Sun is representative of the cycle of life in its active state.

The Sun and Jupiter have similar attributes. Jupiter in Vedic astrology is the Teacher of the Gods. Fancy title, right? If the Sun is the Pure Light of Consciousness, then Jupiter bestows upon you the teachings of the Sun.

Jupiter is the conduit through which you gain and come into possession of the teachings that are born of pure light.

In my book The Little Light, Jupiter is well-loved by everyone, except Venus. It’s because of the position and status that Jupiter has amongst the Celestial Beings as the favoured one. Favouritism is a strong theme in Jupiter’s journey of abundance.

If you are someone who looks at people and thinks, “Oh, you have all the luck! I don’t have any luck. I wish I had some luck. All these other people have all the luck! Where’s my luck? When am I going to get lucky?”

You’re waiting for your lucky break. You’re waiting to be favoured.

Venus and Jupiter

Through Venus and through the Moon, we become aware of the larger world out there. We become aware of how to survive through dark times. Even in dark times, though, there is still light there to guide you. There’s starlight. There’s the pole star. The rest of the planets are still out there.

When I think about Venus, I think about those aspects that are still there to guide you when you are in the dark. When people used to travel at night, there would gaze at the stars. The starlight and the way it appeared to move, functioned as a map. Even if they couldn’t see what was in front of them or ahead of them, they had this Cosmic Blueprint of the stars to show them that they had travelled thus far. They were observing it based on the orbit and the cyclical changes that they were seeing and experiencing.

Through Venus, we become aware of this world that we can only see at night. When we call Venus, the Teacher of Darkness, we are referring to these aspects.

Venus is the Queen of the Dawn and the Dusk.

The Jupiter Archetype

Coming back to Jupiter and this whole concept of luck. The Jupiter archetype, when it comes to creation, is about having a special key that allows you to access to the teachings of the sign and the house that it is placed in.

What does that actually mean?

With Jupiter’s guidance, you will be able to see things that you have previously not seen. Jupiter’s teachings will allow you to discern a good opportunity from a trap. You, at long last, begin to see things for what they are.

That’s when you are on the path of Jupiter.

Have you ever said, “I had no idea it would turn out this way. It seemed so promising at the start.” Jupiter is reminding you that you have to see things in the light of day. If you’ve ever met someone who seemed nice and later that person turned out to be horrible, you are not alone.

It was an opportunity that seemed so promising before… it all fell apart.

The path of Jupiter is to say to yourself, “I am going to see it for what it really is. I’m not falling for the image. I’m not falling for how things appear. I’m not falling for managing impressions. I am going to see it for what it is at it’s truest and purest.”

That means that we release our grandiose ideas. We understand that the people who succeed; they succeed because they’ve had to make tough choices and decisions. It’s not all black and white. To be an honourable person is not easy in a world where everyone is cutting corners and looking for short cuts.

How is this all going to look in the light of day? Is it going to look as beautiful as you thought it was? When we are able to see it for what it is and what it wasn’t–that’s when we can finally embark on our own journey.

Jupiter is a friendly person. Friendly people usually have an abundance of many of the good things in life: an abundance of friends, of happiness, of joy, of wealth; all the beauty of life.

But first, you have to be an honourable person. Then and only then, will Jupiter illuminate your path and show you the right way.

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