What can a man gain by humiliating his enemy? Nothing. He cannot gain anything. All he has done is ensured and consolidated his future losses. If he does not pay, future generations will have to.

In tribal societies, the victorious tribe chief would cut off the head of the chief who had lost and keep it in their possession as a symbolic remembrance of their victory. Some would get drunk on their temporary and pyrrhic victory, not knowing that a greater loss awaited them. The seeds for revenge had been planted. One day, they would begin to bear fruit.

The word humiliate has its roots in Latin. It means to make humble. The original sense of the word was to bring low or bring down. In particular, humiliation can be seen as a way to bring someone down to the ground.

But who is the hand which wields that power in such a capricious way? Do they not know that it is only their own humiliation that they are bringing onto themselves?

With time, leaders learned that it is unwise to humiliate defeated peoples. They would, instead, rebuild the nations that had been destroyed through war. They would invest in restoration, reparations and repair. It was in their own interests to ensure that the seeds of anger and hatred would not fester; for if they did, later there would be a retaliation.

I’m not speaking only of our leaders, but also of people whom we know personally. These are cunning people. They think that by humiliating you that they can destroy you and bring you down to the ground. Their attempts seem to succeed, but only temporarily. Why?

There is a cost for every war. By ensuring our victory at the expense of humiliating another party, a family, a clan or a country–we have sowed the seeds for revenge, retribution and retaliation. We have punished innocent people for crimes that they have never committed.

The Alchemy

The True Self cannot be humiliated. Politicians leave it to your mind to humiliate itself. It is a slow and steady suicide. It feels like death, but it is not. Later, there will be a resurrection. This is not mere spiritual hogwash, but a pattern that one can observe in the Universal Design.

One’s True Dream can never die. It is always there, bringing a smile to your face whenever you think about it. It brings a quiet light to one’s being. It is the light that shows us the path forward and guides our way, in the darkest moments where there is little light. But the dawn is coming. The dawn is coming.

The True Self can never be destroyed. In the end, it is the True Self that destroys the politician. Why? Because facades can be destroyed. Thought patterns can be destroyed. But not the True Self. It is eternal. It is the core essence of a being. It is like a tortoise, encased in a hard and resilient shell.

The mind, as a weapon, can be utilised as a political tool. It speaks in a forked tongue. It speaks right and walks left. Politicians don’t have real faces. The whole game is about creating lies and mistruths. Anyone who can pretend, anyone who can act, anyone who is a hypocrite; can lead the inner political mind. Every human has an inner politician.

The True Self has no need to resort to tricks that he hides up his sleeve. But he knows how to distract his opponent. Even though he stands on what appears to be shaky ground, he uses strategy to gain his highest objectives. The strategy: to overcome his political mind.

When True Self is low in strength, he allows his enemy to think that he has been defeated. He rests and recuperates. Like the Trojan Horse, however, the fight is still on. In the Old Stories, this was a period of exile, when it appeared the temporary loser had disappeared and would never return.

The hero’s true victory, however, is yet to come.

Queen Draupadi, a Goddess who later destroyed those who dared to humiliate her. Image Credit: Raja Ravi Varma

To onlookers, it looks like he has lost everything. But his birthright is still with him. He pays no attention to opinion polls. He is not swayed by public opinion. He does not need this. He never needed it. The True Self knows what he wants. He knows what he yearns for. The True Self even knows who it wants. He has no need to waste time on PR. What is PR but creating a false and incorrect image and sustaining it through propaganda?

The True Self knows that certain painful and humiliating episodic periods repeat themselves. At that point, he wonders, what did I do to deserve this again? But with each repetition, he realises how far he has come and how much closer he is to fulfilling the Soul Mission of his True Self.

When he finds himself faced by the same problems and situations, he may grow depressed; thinking that he is incapable of making any true and lasting progress in his life. But once the temporary period of sadness and grief ends, he sees how far he has come; even as history repeats itself. As he finds himself faced by the same problems and situations, and as he sees these circumstances recreate themselves, he realises that he has to learn what he does not want to learn.

The True Self knows what he, and he alone, is capable of. He does not need to boast. There is no need. He cannot be humiliated for he is already humble. You cannot humiliate someone who is humble. His life is not built on sandcastles. He is anchored on the path of his Soul Mission.

Alas! There is no scarcity in this world of people who want to say that they are better than you. They show you their beautiful sandcastles and say, “Mine is better than yours.” Oh, but these sandcastles are built by the shore; and when the tide comes, it’ll take yours. My castle was taken from me a long time ago and I do not mourn for the loss. My true castle is the home of my soul.

The True Self understands that there is no ‘better’ or ‘worse’: everyone has the necessary gifts and challenges for their particular soul journey. But certain people insist. They cannot bear the victories of others. They provoke and offend and do everything they can to irritate your mind. The true hypocrite, however, pretends to be your friend. When his efforts do not work or when you see through the act, he becomes a tyrant or acts like you do not exist.

But you exist. You still exist. Even if people do not acknowledge or celebrate your accolades and your experiences. Even if they keep trying to find a way to bring you down, it is not possible. All their efforts are futile. At that point, the heart says: ‘Do not fight. There is nothing to be gained from fighting.’

The True Self does not waste his time listening to provocations; for he has a destiny to fulfil. He allows his mind to observe them, the true patterns of the Cosmic Intelligence that is Shiva.

Accumulating what once belonged to another through unscrupulous means will bring calamity. Humiliation is not the answer. The most unlikely person, the dark horse will emerge from the ashes of the past. Anyone who fails to recognise future problems leaves the door open for their own demise.

Do not fight your battles wisely. Instead, spare the losers. Do not humiliate them; for the cross you have to later carry, will be too heavy to bear.

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