I am neither the bow nor the arrow. I am the Archer. I am the divine instrument. A spark of the universal consciousness exists within me; and I within it. The bow and the arrow are the tools; the tools my predecessors created to wield and distill my consciousness.

Why did the ancient ones–the ancient ancestors of us all–create these tools?

The answer is simple. It was to hunt.

In the earliest days of our hunting expeditions, we humans were vulnerable, afraid and fearful. We were easy targets. Imagine if a leopard were to show up in the middle of the city. We would all run helter skelter while it would lick its paws, oblivious to us all. We would fear it, but it would not fear us–not till we gave it a reason to. We had to give it a reason to fear us. But to do that, we would have to conquer our own fears. That was the first quest.

Our ancient ancestors created weapons. That is what any technology is: a weapon. That phone you hold in your hand is also a weapon. The greatest or the worst instrument of all is the one who wields it. It is the Archer. It is the Archer Within who channels the lifeforce–for better and sometimes for worse.

This is the Sanatan.

Punarvasu Nakshatra

Are these hunting instincts our ancestors honed and passed down to us nothing but remnants of an earlier consciousness we no longer need? Perhaps. But out of all of these outdated bows we carry within our psyche; there are a select few that we continue to use. Some of these bows are outdated and need to be replaced by new ones.

Punarvasu is situated towards the end of Gemini as it ushers in Cancer. It is mostly Mercurian and a little looney (and by that I mean influenced by the Moon). The planetary ruler of this nakshatra is Jupiter: the Guru of the Gods.

In Punarvasu, the universal consciousness is seeking a vessel to channel an aspect of itself. The spark of the Sun’s universal consciousness begin to distill into separate rays in order not to overwhelm us. A human soul can only hold so much within its earthbound consciousness. Jupiter, the Advisor and Mentor of the Gods, is entrusted with the responsibility to guide the flow of the light.

Believe it or not, I’ve personally seen charts of people with a highly ‘benefic’ Jupiter who have done terrible things with it. Having a strong Jupiter is not enough; the instrument must still distill his or her own mind before they can hear the voice of their true teacher. The journey is not a linear one. The mind can be your biggest ally or your worst enemy. How can you befriend your mind? You observe it. Just as you would a prey.

Meditation is not just about sitting and emptying your mind. It is about a single-minded focus on a goal. Imagine an ancient ancestor in hot pursuit of a deer. He would not allow his mind to run helter skelter. He would focus on the prey that he was pursuing. He would watch, observe and wait for the right moment to strike. If he failed to strike, the tribe may well have gone hungry.

The Vedic Deities for this nakshatra are the eight Vasus. They represent the eight elements on Earth which we need to master before we can properly manifest Jupiter’s teachings. This includes the four primal elements of water, earth, air and fire (yes, in that order); as well as the celestial forces of the Sun, the Moon, the Polestar and the Nothingness.

The mastery of all eight Vasus are needed for proper, clear and pointed manifestation. The symbol for this nakshatra is the bow. (The next nakshatra, Pushya, is the arrow.) At this stage, we are still creating and mastering the weapon that we must wield. Without an arrow, the bow is useless. Without a bow, the arrow is useless. But even having both will not help if the Archer Within is weak, wimpy and ineffective at the shot. Or worse, if the Archer Within chooses the wrong target–causing devastation on his or her environment.

No one hits the target on the first try. They would have to train for years and years before they reach a certain level of mastery. They would have to learn about their prey before they pursue it. They would also have to be sensitive to the environment in which they are hunting. This is an excellent placement for providers, athletes and even coaches.

Whether you start young or old is inconsequential. Each age group has its own challenges when it comes to learning. And each learning journey is different. But the learner and the teacher are one soul who have to move as one heartbeat.

If you find yourself unable to hit your target; strengthen your Jupiter. But don’t do it by buying a yellow sapphire.

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