Close your eyes and remember the moment when the world first came to light. It was when you emerged from the womb; a watery void that was a place of darkness. You cried when you were born–when you were thrust from a world of infinite light into a world where you would have to face the trials, tribulations and triumphs of the human experience.

Archangel Uriel is one of the four angels mentioned in the Abrahamic faiths. His name comes from Hebrew. It means God is My Light. He has a sunny disposition. His purpose in your life is to make you see what you’d rather not. This can be a painful experience. When we emerge from the darkness and into the light; much like how we emerge from the womb–we cry. Similarly, when we have to see what we’d rather not; tears can flow.

Uriel’s presence in our life is to be torchbearer. He lights the flame of consciousness so that we may bask in the consciousness of the Sun. For people of the desert, the Sun’s rays were not only blinding, but scorching. It is a powerful energy. Its true purpose is to heal and burn away all that is inhibiting our growth. You may think that nothing grows in the desert, but it is a rich terrain of minerals, gemstones, precious metals and even petroleum.

Saint Uriel. Image Credit: William Starkey

To access Uriel, we must be willing to dig deep within and bring forth the hidden treasures of the solar rays–the creative spark–to light. Uriel often guides those who are seeking a new path on their own. He helps those on a solitary journey to see the world with new eyes and a fresh perspective.

If you’re in a place on your own and you’re unsure of what to do; Uriel’s presence will make itself known to you. Since he is associated with Light and the Sun, these metaphors and teachings will make themselves known to you–regardless of the faith that you come from.

He inspires you to dig within yourself as well as the world to find your unique talents and untapped gifts. If you are struggling with finding recognition for your work, Uriel can help you to grow and help your venture or any other creative endeavour get the recognition that it needs to fulfil its potential.

Uriel tends to show himself when disaster is about to strike or if there are tragic circumstances from the past which need to come out into light. If you have been in a situation where there has been a lot of deception or secrets, Uriel can heal and bring light to past pain and even the most difficult of traumas; for this Archangel has the ability to burn away and reduce to ashes that which is inhibiting your true purpose and potential.

Uriel is a guide in moments of crisis and disaster. He is particularly associated with the masculine force. But that does not mean that you need to be a man to feel his presence. If there have been issues or difficulties surrounding the masculine principle in your life, Uriel can heal and wash away the difficulties that men have caused in your life–be it a father, a spouse, an intimate partner or a sibling. Once the truth comes out in the open, you are free to move on or take any action that needs to be taken.

After the truth has come out in the open, Uriel then begins to restore your life slowly. Uriel works within traditional structures to send his message across. You may find yourself drawn towards religious institutions when he is a presence in your life. From temples, to shrines, to churches and so on. Anyplace that welcomes people of all faiths to pray and worship.

Uriel also has an association with sexual health and wellbeing. If you have been struggling with this area, Uriel can help you to understand your true desires as well as the desires of your intimate partner. The sexual experience is an aspect of our role as Creators on the planet and Uriel urges us not to feel shame regarding our desires and their expression. He can guide you towards a healthy outlook towards the opposite sex as well as your own sexuality.

This process can be temporarily uncomfortable as many would rather hide in the closet of shame. But once Uriel brings it all out into the light, you will be able to see yourself and those around you with a newfound understanding. After that, you will be able to make decisions that support your well-being and future growth. Uriel is also the Archangel that works with clearing any father-related issues; whether it be about being a father or disappointments regarding the male-figures that one might have had in their life.

Uriel will help you view the divine masculine that resides within you and the men in your life in a whole new way. If you are a female and Uriel’s energy is a strong presence in your life, it usually signals that you have healing to do around the men in your life and how they have hurt you. If you have supported or loved men who let you down, disappointed you and betrayed you, Uriel can help you to heal your own heart.

If there is jealousy or other envious emotions that have been directed by men towards you; Uriel can protect you and keep you safe. He is also there to keep unsavoury men away from you. He can protect you from men who might do you harm in the future. In this way, you are sheltered from future harm that may have materialised had you walked down that path.

Uriel’s energy is at its most potent when there is a truly dark energy and situation surrounding the masculine principle. He can help in issues related to male fertility and can help you overcome any barriers and blocks regarding its healthy, open and sunny expression in the world. Uriel can also block and blot out men from your life whose potent creative power has been dissipated and who are irresponsible fathers.

All in all, Uriel is the Angel of Light.

Helios by Dipa Sanatani

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