Words are our gift and our birthright. When Archangel Gabriel appears to you or makes his or her presence known, you will hear the call.

Sound travels through both time and space. In moments of solitude, we remember the voice of those we love–both past and present. We remember their teachings and their kind and loving words. Harsh words uttered carelessly haunt us and remind us of past hurts that have not yet healed. The lies we were fed. The words directed at us to harm and hurt us.

Through the written word, we remember the sacred words that have survived and even thrived through the millennia. Archeologists dig through the earth and provide us with revelations of lost and ancient civilisations. None of this would be possible if language–and in particular the written word–was never invented.

In the Abrahamic religions, Gabriel is an archangel who appears in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and the Quran. He appears during periods of naught and is associated with bringing forth a wealth of literary works, musical compositions and canons.

Gabriel is the Archangel of Sound Consciousness.

He is symbolically associated with the trumpet; and more broadly associated with music. The association of Gabriel with music is both a loud wake up call and a call to silence. This can only come when dormant faculties that exist within you are longing to awaken.

Gabriel is the Patron Angel of those who use their voice and their words.

Our words possess power. They are not just words. Talk is not ‘cheap’. Books are not just a collection of letters, sentences and chapters strung together. Musical chords are not just sounds to make noise on the piano. When these words are given the gift of life; they possess the life force of all creation.

Gabriel’s presence will make itself known among those who are seeking to find their voice. They may have lost it or silenced it due to an environment which denied their self-expression. They may have learnt to remain quiet to ‘keep the peace’ even if they were in possession of great truths and revelations.

Others may have learned not to ask questions because they were chided or shut down when they did so. They have lived a life where falsehoods were spread as facts; and where opinions and belief systems misled and misguided people when they were vulnerable.

If you have had a difficult time regarding communication; for instance, being misunderstood, not being heard, or being ignored completely–it is not always because you haven’t spoken out for yourself. You may be surrounded by people who are hypercritical or whose voices are always louder than your own. This could be a prominent life lesson for you and an aspect of your existence that you’ve needed to change for a long time.

Archangel Gabriel by Cyrus Emanuel Eugenicus

Angels are invisible forces in the world. They appear to us in a certain form to provide us with a sense of familiarity and comfort. Gabriel works with messengers–people who have been chosen to deliver messages to others; be it through their voice, their writing, or their music. He comes armed with his trumpet–or any other instrument. There is usually a writing tool involved as well. Birds are his animal messengers. His expression is both powerful and peaceful.

Gabriel’s planetary association is Venus. His loving presence can allow you to understand the sacred mysteries that are hidden from superficial day-to-day communication. He will help you to discern truth from falsehoods. Gabriel’s presence indicates that your power of expression and even argument will begin to grow.

You will begin to have an easier time communicating with others and even with yourself. Projects associated with Gabriel include: publishing, journalism, marketing, radio, television, sales and music among other potential possibilities.

Gabriel is a powerful force that can bring love, courage and vernacular precision to both self and collective expression. If Gabriel has made his presence known to you, it is unlikely to have been the first time he or she has done so. This Archangel has been your ally throughout numerous incarnations.

If you feel confused or if there is a lack of clarity regarding the messages that you’ve been receiving; or if you feel abandoned by those who said they would be there for you–it is time to reawaken to the possibilities and potentials of friendship. If you’ve found yourself in a place where people have shunned you and your worth after you’ve expressed your truth; or if you’re in an environment that is excessively argumentative–Gabriel’s presence can quieten the negativity and inner chatter of your mind.

If you’ve lived a life where people in positions of authority have spoken to you harshly or where you’ve been frequently exposed to coarse and even abusive language; Gabriel’s presence can act as a protective sound field around you. He can help you to heal the bruises and wounds of the mind and our mental conditioning. Words echo through time and a harsh word spoken to a young child can leave many scars.

We now live in a world where freedom of speech is equated to the freedom to criticise. Gabriel can help you to understand the difference between criticism that is helpful and criticism that is intended to harm.

His mode of communication is sound that is expressed through the voice and on the page. When Gabriel appears, he encourages you to discover your truth and then to express it. Humans have lived many epochs where we were forced to censor ourselves and Gabriel is creating a space of safety where you can express yourself without the fear of overreactions and criticisms from the people around you.

Pick up that trumpet and sound it out loud!

Gabriel’s elements are: water, air and nothingness. He is also associated with travel–especially foreign languages, faraway cultures and even different religious theologies. You may find yourself exploring an entirely different way of communicating when you are under his watchful eye. For instance, learning a new language can expose you to new people and a new way of life that was previously unknown to you.

Gabriel is also there to teach you to communicate responsibly. This requires you, not only to speak–but also to listen to others. If you find yourself around people who talk over you or nit-pick at the things that you’re saying, Gabriel is there to guide you to a state of balance. If you find yourself surrounded by people who oppose or argue with everything you say, Gabriel is urging you to remain true to yourself. At the same time, Gabriel is cognisant of the fact that some of those who praise us are not speaking the truth either!

Sounds emanate not only from humans. All of the earth’s creatures are a vibrating life force. Even the movement of our bodies or of large whales under the sea create sound waves that travel within and beyond its chosen medium. Your ears may grow more sensitive to sound when Gabriel’s presence makes itself known in your life.

All in all, Gabriel is the Archangel of Sound, Writing and Communication.

Archangel Gabriel by Dipa Sanatani

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