Archangel Michael is the Archangel of Warriors. We don’t usually associate the spiritual realm with concepts like warfare, but this is a different type of war. We all have conflict and face conflict–inner as well as outer.

Michael is the shield and the sword to every problem that has yet to find its solution, conclusion or resolution. He is there to cut away ties, traditions and old ways of thinking that are standing in the way of your destiny. He is also there to create new connections, new possibilities and new ways of being.

The planetary energy associated with Archangel Michael is Mars. Loyalty will be a strong theme in your life when Michael makes his presence known. Who are you loyal to? Why are you being loyal to them? Is it helping you or harming you? Take a stocktake. Who is helping and hindering you on your path and duty on earth?

We are all born with dormant destinies. For some, the initiation takes place early in life. Others are late bloomers. Michael protects you from harm so that you may fulfil your destiny when the time is right. At this crossroads, we walk away from certain paths and traditions that have brought us pain. This severing away is never easy for it requires us to create a new identity away from our early beginnings.

Each and every soul that incarnates to create a new legacy is protected by Michael. He protects us from lower vibrational energies and hostile thoughts that are directed towards us. He is there to teach us to stand in our truth, even if others don’t like what we have to say. Michael is not afraid of conflict. He knows that it is only through facing conflict in a healthy manner that we can create greater peace and happiness in our lives.

The sword of light that Michael carries is known as The Sword of Truth. The sword cuts away the barriers of fear that are holding us hostage. He severs, definitively, the cords of the past that are not letting us move on with a clean slate. He severs the metal chain and the prison bars that bind us to the source of our pain, our anger and our suffering. Michael implores us not to take on other people’s pain and suffering. He is there to shield us from people who preach values that they do not follow or adhere to.

Kartikeya, The Hindu God of War. Art by Dipa Sanatani.

It is not always the most pious of people who are awarded the privilege to find, to seek and to share the truth. In religious communities, many get obsessed and carried away with accumulating ‘merit’, following laws and cannons and performing prayers. They think that by doing so that they are further along the path than you are. This is when Michael’s presence will become very strong in your life.

Michael is there to reveal to you that the ones who are ‘chosen’ are not always the ones who have followed all the rules; but rather, those who are unfolding and blooming in their own time and in their own way. As we grow aware of the truth that goes beyond manmade and societal-sanctioned traditions, we may be condemned and dismissed by those who have stuck to the traditional methods and modalities of institutional practises. Michael teaches us to trust ourselves and in the path that is unfolding.

Michael will naturally come to those who call on him to cut the cords that are holding them back. Be it of a religious tradition, a culture or even an outdated way of life. When we’re around negative people who unload their way of being and living on us, we can become indoctrinated into false teachings without even realising it. We live out our lives through a false belief system that harms us and causes us pain through its laws, its sanctions and its condemnations.

Michael can help us to overcome the fear, the conditioning and the guilt that has been installed into our modality. It is Michael who implores us to trust our imagination and our own faith instead of our institutions. Archangel Michael is the Angel who helps those in distress detach from the source that is causing them distress.

If you find yourself surrounded by naysayers, critics and people that don’t mean you well; Archangel Michael will first try to broker to find a solution that can create peace. His energy can temporarily create more conflict in your life before you find the resolution and solution you seek.

Michael is the Patron Angel of police officers, lawyers as well as those who find themselves surrounded by people who break laws. He is there to guide you if you are surrounded by difficult people who lack a moral compass and conscience.

Under Archangel Michael’s watchful gaze, you will release and surrender longstanding relationships that have either hurt you or harmed you. This process may take sometime–months and even years. But in the end, you will be in a position to start anew.

Michael will come to you naturally when his help is required. All in all, Archangel Michael is an angel that tests the loyalty of those around you before you embark on the path of your dreams.

Guan Yu, known in Singapore as Kuan Kong. Artwork by Dipa Sanatani

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