In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Rama (and presumably Lakshmana) are educated by two teachers: Vasistha and Vishwamitra. These two teachers are like chalk and cheese. Vasistha’s focus is on Rama’s spiritual development and Vishwamitra’s focus is on Rama’s role in the world as a leader and as a king. Vasistha brings a deeper understanding of the world to Ram; while Vishwamitra’s focus is on immediate and real-world matters.

On the surface, Pushya Nakshatra has many contradictions. But that’s life, isn’t it? It’s full of contradictions. Pushya is nestled in the cuddly constellation of Cancer which is ruled by the Moon, a luminary. The planetary ruler of the nakshatra is Saturn while the deity that governs this lunar mansion is Brihaspati. Jupiter seeks to expand our consciousness, but Saturn wants us to deal with real world responsibilities.

Pushya Nakshatra is where the soul, which is incarnate in a temporal human form, begins to mature as a human being.

The Arrow

Think about your own childhood. Did it groom you to be the arrow–which is the symbol of Pushya? Did it allow you to bloom into a flower–another symbol of Pushya?

The arrow is a pointed triangle. To use the arrow, you also need a bow and an instrument (The Archer). In Punarvasu Nakshatra, we learned about the bow. In Pushya Nakshatra, our focus shifts to the arrow. The arrow is what completes the triad cycle of energetic flow.

The arrow is passive till it is required to act. Similarly, we all have a variety of areas where we may be successful. But where will we actually be able to showcase this in the external world? For instance, you may intrinsically be great at languages, but this is not what the world will value in you. This may not be the area that will allow you to create ‘real world’ success. You need to learn to use your arrows wisely to reach the target.

All your teacher did was teach you the art. Then, it’s up to you to go forth.

Think about all the people who taught you growing up. What did they teach you? Are there teachings there that you can use to hit a target and reach a destination? Or have they misguided you?

In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is a great benefic. And yet, I’ve seen ‘strong’ Jupiters in the charts of people who have done terrible things. How does this happen? They may have received good teachings, but they didn’t put it to use; or it wasn’t what the world valued in them.

An arrow needs a good bow and a good master (The Archer) to utilise it to reach its goals. The arrow’s achievement is contingent upon the bow and the archer.

Saturn, as the planetary ruler of this nakshatra, will bring to us an assortment of teachers. It is not all tough love, but neither is it all rainbows. Teachers guide us. They are there to show us the way. The way is not one way; but many ways. But the goal can never change. If the goal is misguided, then no matter which way you walk or go, you just can’t hit your target.

Brihaspati, as the ruling deity of this nakshatra, signifies an expansion of our consciousness. The arrow’s achievement can only be as good as the bow and the archer. The arrow can only be as powerful as the archer.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t been able to hit your target–ask yourself, who gave you that old and outdated bow? And lastly, with a better bow–would you actually be a better archer?

Viswamitra training Rama and Lakshmana. Image Credit: Raja Ravi Varma


Lakshmana, which means he who has the signs of fortune, was the younger half-brother of Rama as well as his aide in the Hindu epic Ramayana. Lakshmana is depicted as a man of unwavering loyalty, love and commitment to his elder brother; through times of both joy and adversity.

The Jain rendering of the epic, however, tells a different tale. Lakshmana is referred to as Vasudeva. It is held that it was Lakshmana who killed Ravana–and not Rama.

A good teacher usually knows many ways with which a person, or a group of people, can arrive at their destination. Teachers are also law makers and custodians of order. They are there to guide more than one person.

Remember the teacher who taught you in school. They had hundreds of students. Will they remember you the way you do them? Well, that’s entirely contingent on what sort of student you were at the time.

If you were loud and outspoken, they probably do–for better or for worse. You may have taken up too much airtime and thus made their job very difficult. Teachers are there to guide an entire peer group.

So what kind of peer were you? Were you competitive or clingy? Were you someone who shared the spotlight with those who were more deserving of it than you? Did you see your peers as rivals or as friends? Did you support others when you needed to?

Jealousy and rivalry are common in a peer group. In Saturn’s realm, there is no forgiveness, no excuses and no inequities. You will reap only what you have sowed through your commitment, hard work and dedication–and nothing more. Saturn wants us to realise and actualise our destiny through our deeds and our actions.

Lakshmana is known and valued for the unwavering loyalty he showed to Rama. In the Malay Archipelago, military officers given the rank equivalent of admirals in navies are titled “Lakshmana” after the figure.

It is believed that in the next incarnation, Lakshmana and Rama were reborn with their roles reversed. Rama became the younger sibling and Lakshmana the elder.

Brihaspati is often associated with luck and fortune; as is Lakshmana. But luck and fortune can only open the door. After that, it is up to you to commit, dedicate yourself to a goal and see to it that you never waver off course.

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