Mitra is the Vedic deity that transforms darkness into light. He is the Sunrise, the bringer of light. He is the first torchbearer of the Sun’s rays as their life-giving essence pours down to earth. He is the first sunrise you will experience when your world–which is a mixture of light and darkness–transforms into pure light.

Mitra, as a Vedic deity, binds us to others–to friends, to God, and even to your community. If you’ve ever had a friend, a teacher or a religious leader who lit up your world; that is Mitra’s blessings at work. Mitra is the one who works hard in his community to create a spirit of unity despite the apparent differences that exist.

Mars and Saturn

So why is Mitra the deity for Anuradha Nakshatra? Anuradha is placed entirely in the constellation of Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars. Mars blesses us with the courage to face the trials and tribulations that are a part of our existence. Mars, as a natural warrior, will fight–sometimes even to his own detriment. There is an intensity to the Martian energy that will not always be welcomed, especially when a peaceful approach will work perfectly well.

Saturn is the ruler of this Nakshatra. In my book, The Little Light, I wrote that Saturn is Mars’ father; and Saturn sends Mars away from home to face life and become a man who has earned his place in the world. Initially, Mars rebels, resists and fights with his father. It is sometime before Mars matures and realises that he needs to earn the respect of those around him.

Mitra’s role in this nakshatra is thus to unify opposites–instead of simply opposing them. We say day comes after night and so on; but Mitra brings the two together and heralds forward a transitionary phase where darkness transforms into light. There is latent potential for those born under this star to do exactly that.

But more often than not, this potential is never actualised. The lotus, which is a symbol of this nakshatra, is a flower that can bloom in muddy or clear waters. Those born under this star will have to learn how to bloom in the midst of the mud. Symbolically, it all makes sense; but if the seed rebels against being in the mud–the soul’s potential is never actualised.

The seed needs the mud if it is to grow and fulfil its destiny.

When Potential Remains Dormant

Anuradha Nakshatra is entirely in Scorpio. One interpretation is that it represents potential that is never actualised. But the potential is there–no matter how small or big the probability may be. Sometimes in life, we are tempted to invest in the potential of what could be as opposed to what is. This could pertain to our friendships. We think our friendships will blossom and grow over time. But so often, they end up being a rite of passage.

Why does this happen? The answer which is found in Anuradha signals towards a lack of commitment. Scorpios have a tendency to stay in the darkness. They are comfortable there. They would rather hide than bring out their true potential. At the same time, they have a hard time supporting others on their path or seeing others try and either fail or succeed. They do not possess that faith that, “It’s dark right now, but yes–tomorrow there will be a new sunrise.”

They have a tendency to bring others down into the darkness with them. The Scorpio’s ability to survive the darkness, however, is unparalleled. But if you do not want to climb into the darkness and support them on their journey into the light–I suggest you steer clear. They will bring you down.

Like Mars, their survival instinct is strong and they can fight through the worst of circumstances and come out alive. But then, the fight becomes them. They are the fighters who, in order to make a comeback, will kill the whole town. But by that time, their friends, lovers and everyone who cared for them would either be dead or they would have left town ahead of time.

In Anuradha Nakshatra, we learn that we are bound as much by what we have done as well as what we have not done. It is about earning one’s place in the world through commitment, follow through and above all–hard work. It is about honouring one’s friendships, one’s support network as well as one’s community.

In this nakshatra, Mars is under the watchful eye of his father. If he fails to perform, he will either be kicked out of the house or receive a thrashing. The best way forward would be to not rebel and grow gracefully into the lotus flower that you are destined to one day be.

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