Our desires can be simple or complex. Momentary or long-term. We all live in a marketplace of desires where we are seeking to get our needs met. To meet our needs, we need others. We cannot fulfil our desires on our own. Some needs we can learn to meet by ourselves. Others, we cannot. If we want to be successful in life, we have to learn to hear the needs of others. Most importantly, we need to be in tune with the unexpressed need.

The Simple Need

It was a whisper. Barely audible. But I heard it. Yesterday, I went to Chinatown. Do you recognise the cascading sound chime of the marketplace? There is nothing melodious about it. And most of the people there, who look so busy, are actually wasting their time and their lives in meaningless conversations and getting up to marketing tricks and sales gimmicks. Sometimes it works, but most of the time it doesn’t.

In this vast emporium of noises, there was a whisper. It was barely audible, but I heard it. It was saying, “I need a clear iPhone case and I’m not paying more than $10 for it.” Who would ever hear such a voice in this ruckus? But someone did.

It’s not always a buyer’s market. The seller or vendor may be too busy, there may be a language barrier blocking the sale or the connection that is necessary for an exchange is absent. But the person who knows how to hear the voice that whispers what it needs; the sale will be his or hers.

“Thank you, sister,” he said as the transaction was quickly closed and the deal settled.

The Marketplace of Desires

Have you ever thought that the world we inhabit is no different. We are all in the marketplace for something. A client, a customer, a spouse, a home, a friendship, a religious experience and so on. In such a noisy world, how do we ever find the voice that is seeking us and vice versa?

You have something I need and I have something you want.

When it happens, it happens in a flash–just when you thought it was never going to happen. You are invited to purchase that item you were looking for. What a relief for the buyer! A simple item like an iPhone case and there are truckloads of sellers selling the exact same thing. You may think, “How can anyone ever make a sale in such an environment?” But people do. And they get rich doing it. The same with if you’ve left a donation at a place of worship.

We say we find salespeople annoying, but we’re always looking for something and we need to exchange something in order to get it. But the salesman is not the one accomplishing the sale. It is the need, the voice that whispers, “I need a clear iPhone case and I’m not paying more than $10 for it.”

The salesman hears that voice. He answers it.

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