The sun, surely, is life; matter is the moon. Everything here, formed or unformed, is nothing but matter. So form is indeed matter.

Prashna Upanishad, 1st Prashna, Verse 5

In Prashna Upanishad, a series of six questions are posed by six students to his or her teacher. The teacher answers the questions, but does the student understand the answers that he has been given?

The question was not easy, so the answer must also be difficult.

The first prerequisite to receiving the answers that the student is seeking is that he must commit for a year to living with his teachers. It is only then that the student will receive the answers that he is seeking. But even so, there is no guarantee that the student will understand the answers he is given to his extremely difficult and unanswerable questions.

Through the Upanishad, we learn of the trajectory of the Sun as the spirit that animates and gives life. We are then told and taught that there are two paths. The solar and the lunar. The Northern and the Southern.

The Northern solar path is for those who are seeking the Self. To embark upon this quest, the student must live a life of ‘austerity, celibacy and faith’.

The Southern lunar path is one of ‘sacrifice, pious deeds and good work’; for it is that path that leads one to their ancestors and future offspring.

The path, however, is not one path; but two paths. The solar and the lunar.

There are two paths: the Northern and the Southern. The Northern is the path of the Sun; while the Southern is the path of the Moon.

The path of the Moon leads to life and creation while the path of the Sun leads to self-realisation and a reunion with the Sun. Those who reach the path of the Sun need no longer be reborn. The path of the Sun requires austerity, celibacy and faith.

The paths may be two, but if they have emanated from the same source; which is Brahman, both paths will lead us back to the same destination. It is the path and not the answer that the student sought.

Our world is propelled forward by the cycle of life. Neither the Sun nor the Moon can dominate each other. They are twin paths born of the same source.

That is the answer to the question.

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