Moksha, much like Maya, is one of those Sanskrit words that gets thrown around a lot. The same way that Maya is usually translated to mean ‘illusion’; Moksha is usually translated to mean ‘liberation’. The true meaning of the word, however, is far more nuanced.

Moksha refers to a state of being where we are free. It is a state of absolute freedom. It refers to a state of Self where we are freed from involuntary suffering. Sometimes the love we have for those around us results in us taking on pain that doesn’t belong to us.

To be free from this state, is to finally cease your freedom.

Any pain and suffering that any individual goes through never and does not belong to that individual alone. It is always a result of accumulated unresolved pain that has lasted generations–which can go back to hundreds, even thousands of years. To be free is to find the courage to admit the truth when others choose to continue the cycle of delusion and denial that keeps them close to the source of their suffering.

When we see the truth, we may not want to see it–because it hurts us so much. It may force us to change long-held beliefs, traditions and structures that we have come to rely upon. But once we have finally seen, heard and accepted the truth; we are free to move on and to take flight like the eagle.

The importance of prayer in releasing one from the cycle of suffering cannot be underestimated. If one has worked hard on an issue and wondered–over and over again–if it will ever lead to an improved set of circumstances, the power of prayer in releasing the soul from suffering cannot be underestimated.

Prayer always works and our prayers are always answered. Moksha is the final resting place before a new journey. It is when we realise that all our prayers will always be answered… and that our true and heartfelt dreams do always come true.

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