The reality is that we are neither wholly responsible nor wholly irresponsible for our lives. None of us lives on an island all by ourselves. We need each other in some way or another to survive and to flourish. Life is thus a continuous process of thoughts that inform our decisions and our actions.

Even among fruit trees that create only one type of fruit, some seeds are better than others. Bad seeds cannot grow good fruit. It is a waste of time trying to cultivate them. Our task, therefore, as humans is to improve our external circumstances as well as the inner terrain of our beings. The truth is that there is no separation between the two.

When we begin to develop internally, our higher self starts responding to us. A beginner who is not yet spiritually aware experiences only his mind. A mind, at its most basic definition, only holds the contents of our worldly experiences. Even when we are well-educated, we may only be parroting what we have been taught, what we have read, and what we have heard. We have not yet unveiled the vast potential of the higher self.

The Higher Self–the Parahamsa, the Personal God or Goddess–can only be achieved through many lifetimes of development. It is not the work of one lifetime, but the culmination of many times. It is the seed itself getting better through the annals of time.

The Three Selves

We all possess three selves. The Higher Self, the Intermediate Self and the Lower Self. The Higher Self is the Soul. The soul is the seed that is encased and enclosed within the human body. It is said to reside either in the heart or in the mind.

The Intermediate Voice is the Mind: the knowledge we have accumulated. It hears all voices and also repeats what it has heard or learned. We definitely do need the Intermediate voice. It is not that one is better than the other; it is that they have different purposes.

The Lower Self is only concerned with his or her own self-interest. It thinks that it is, indeed, living on an island. Healthy self-interest is vital, but when it becomes distorted, it can lead to decisions that have disastrous consequences–not only for themselves, but also for those among and around them.

When a person’s life becomes spiritually centred, the Higher Self not only helps with his spiritual evolution, but also his or her material well-being. The Lower Self and The Intermediate Self then all come into alignment.

We cannot save our soul and nor can we save another person’s soul. It is their own soul that saves them.

The life Story

In the origin story of heaven and earth, there were a number of original energy seeds that were sent from heaven down to earth so that they could integrate into earth energy. Gradually, those seedlings developed into souls.

The soul seeds were nurtured in the womb of The Mother of the Universe. When the soul seeds became mature, they descended to earth and split themselves. Some of them still possess the original mark of the Maker. Some of them drowned by losing themselves in the world. They are not, however, beyond redemption.

The souls who retained the mark of the Maker craved for the original connection to be restored to them. This only occurred after living an earthy life for generation after generation. It was only then that they began to miss their heavenly abode.

When life began on earth, the soul seeds shaped themselves in each type of natural environment. It took the seed a long time to go through the difficult process of shaping themselves in various physical forms. A great variety of forms were tried as the various habitats and climates were created, developed and formed.

The Soul’s Journey had begun.

Hiranyagarbha, the Golden Cosmic Egg by Manaku

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