The Twelfth House is the House of Endings. It is where we finish, we complete and we graduate. If life were a movie, this is where we get to see the grand finale and the credits. In addition to the cast and crew that starred in the story of our life, we also get to see the credits–in small print, no less–of the person who did the graphics, the sound and so on.

Whenever we’re in the cinema, we usually walk out during the credits. We think it is not worth seeing. But that is exactly what the 12th house is. It is when we view all the different people who came together to make the production of your life possible. Is this an analogy for the subconscious mind? I think it is.

The 12th house is the house of the unseen realm. Beyond the starring actors and supporting cast, there were many people who came in to make the action happen. Some of them had small parts, others had big parts. In the 12th house, we see all the details. Many times, without us realising, it is these details that make or break us.

But since so much of it is subconscious or unconscious, we are not consciously aware of all the little details that made us who we were. The unconscious mind can play a huge role in whether we succeed or we fail. It is the part of the production that is hidden from public view. Yet, it is there for you to see, if only you had the patience to watch the credits as the movie ended.

Anyone who meditates on a daily basis will begin to notice the subconscious mind and how it works. Our subconscious is constantly at work, even when we are asleep. We access it during a meditative state or when we dream. It is then that our mind does its real work of sorting through our life experiences and putting it all in order.

It is through the 12th house that we come to terms with all the various experiences in our lives–and not just the ones that took centre stage. The 12th House compels us to seek closure. Unlike in the 8th house, when things ended suddenly and prematurely and we were not awarded ‘a good death’; a good death is exactly what we get with the 12th house.

It is when we graduate. It is judgment day, if you will. It is resolution. It is getting the verdict. It is watching the credits and waiting till the lights come on before walking out of the cinema.

It is ‘The End’.

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