One of the best-known legendary animals of all is the Griffin: a giant hybrid animal that is part lion and part eagle–two traditional symbols of royalty and kingship. Together, the lion and the eagle represent dominion over both the earth and the sky. Their majesty and power represent wisdom and discernment in harsh times as well as strength and leadership on the battlefield.

The griffin’s claws were said to possess medicinal properties and their feathers were believed to be able to cure blindness. Fierce guardians of vast treasures, it is said that whenever a griffin is found, gold was sure to a stone’s throw away. As emblems of regal courage, griffins have appeared on coats of arms all over the world.

As a symbol of loyalty, griffins mate for life. They are loyal to their partners and will not take on a new mate when their significant other passes away. Due to this, they are a symbol of monogamy and everlasting devotion.

The hybrid nature of the animal means that it is able to traverse both the air and the land; representing a bridge between the heavens and the earth. In medieval Christianity, the Griffin’s combination of an earthly beast and a bird of the air led to its use as a symbol for Christ’s human and divine qualities.

Griffins have travelled far and wide. They have been found in paintings, art, sculpture and literary canons since ancient times. They frequently appear in heraldry and on buildings.

Not bad at all for a creature that is entirely mythical.

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