The word progeny comes from the Old French progenie which means to ‘beget’. In the Hindu worldview, progeny is one of the goals of human existence. It is one of the eight manifestations of earthly wealth as conceptualised through Ashta Lakshmi.

In popular renderings, Lakshmi is usually depicted flanked by two elephants symbolising her role as a matriarch and bringer of abundance. But when she embodies her aspect as Santana Lakshmi, she is shown holding a child in her lap.

Many pray and offer supplications to Lakshmi to fulfil their desire to have children and become parents. Marriage symbolises the sacred marriage that takes place between a man and woman in order to be fruitful and multiply.

Santana Lakshmi is also said to listen to the supplications of young children who long for a sibling as a companion. In her role as Santana Lakshmi, she symbolises fertility to ensure the propagation and continuation of all living beings.

As the Goddess that fulfils the desire for happy and intelligent offspring, Santana Lakshmi blesses those who honour parenthood as one of the duties of life on our planet.

It seems, then, that our children are one of the treasures that the Goddess of Wealth bestows upon us.

Ashtalakshmi by Rama19920, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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