If the 1st house represents ‘I’, then it goes that the 7th house–which is directly opposite the 1st house–represents ‘You’. But that doesn’t make sense. The houses work on an axis. It is the yin to the yang and vice versa.

Therefore, if the 1st house represents ‘Me’, then, the 7th house represents ‘Us’. I know, I know, I’m turning this whole thing on its head, but please give me a chance to explain why.

I first started musing on what Saturn in the 7th house means some eight years ago. Wow, has it really been that long? The traditional interpretation of Saturn in the 7th house is ‘a late marriage’ or marriage to a considerably older or younger partner. But that’s the traditional interpretation, right?

So, off I went, found people who had Saturn in the 7th house and probed them about their relationships, their marriages and so on. What did I find in common?

Well, the truth is, absolutely nothing. That’s even worse than actually finding a pattern: finding no pattern whatsoever that could actually be identified and meaningfully measured.

So what does it mean, then, if Saturn is in the 7th? Let’s start with an idea I mentioned earlier, the whole notion of ‘Us’. If Saturn is in the 7th, it’ll create blockages and obstructions in creating an ‘Us’ to begin with. What kind of blockages and obstructions? Well, too many to name.

You could wind up with someone from a different culture or country. You could end up with someone with whom there is a generation gap. You could be ‘stuck’ in a relationship with someone who refuses to let you go.

There are a ton of other scenarios that can manifest, but, overall Saturn in the 7th house does not allow you to create an ‘Us’. Why, you may be wondering?

Wherever Saturn sits in our chart, the traditional interpretation is that pessimism, cynicism and realism seep into the matters of that sign and that house. When we’re talking about the 7th house, Saturn is forcing us to answer the question, “What is ‘Us’, anyway?” Does such a thing even exist? Did ‘We’ ever exist?

And Saturn’s answer, for the most part, is a loud and resounding No. Why? Because we are generally deluded into thinking we are a part of a group, a family, a tribe, a country, a region and so on. At the end of the day, it is each man for himself, right? Wrong, again! So what’s the real lesson, here?

Youth leads us to make many rash decisions. Some of those decisions we did make for ourselves, but the truth is, a vast majority of decisions–especially in young age and youth–are made for us on our behalf. Whether it is by the State, the Federal Government, our parents, our educators and so on… Many of these decisions were made by those entrusted to take care of us.

This is one of the reasons why Saturn does not permit you to create an ‘Us’ in your younger years. Saturn, as a gift-giving planet, does not want you to create a false ‘Us’. It wants you to age, to mature, to explore your options and then make the choice when you are able to make a truly heartfelt decision that does not reflect the herd mentality.

All in all, Saturn in 7th house is a late bloomer.

Saturn is a fine wine, an aged whiskey and a beautiful heritage building. Not too shabby, I say. Not too shabby at all.

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