Pigs love to eat and sleep. They enjoy eating as well as relaxing. You could even say that they oscillate between the two. Despite the common traits and symbols associated with the pig, would you be offended if I told you that the image that is conjured up in your mind is an incorrect one? When it comes to the pig, things are just not as they seem.

The pig is an incredibly intelligent animal. Specifically, it symbolises feminine intelligence. The pig is a symbol of caution, courage, knowledge and faith. As the last and final animal in the Chinese Zodiac, the pig has a strong association with bed time and relaxation. It reminds us that we need to take a deep rest both physically and mentally. It represents a time when yang masculine energy is ending in a life cycle and feminine energy is rising.

If you are born in the year of the pig, you are gentle, joyful, smart and trustworthy. At the same time, however, it is common for pigs to become angry and even insecure. Pigs tend to give up easily when they experience difficulties which makes it hard for them to complete what they start. Patience and endurance must be cultivated to help them achieve what they set out to do.

Generally speaking, pigs like to have a life full of pleasure. They can do well in jobs that require them to influence others; such as: a designer, a director or even an accountant. Due to their need for pleasure, they can come across as irritable, thick-skinned and tough when things are not smooth-sailing. When life becomes difficult, they need to pay heed to communicate with an open heart.

Pigs truly have the potential to do great things by helping others. Pigs are known to have good luck with money and will most likely be blessed with a life of wealth. The wisdom of the pig is that it is from the free flow of energy that we become harmonious within. To tap into this strong yin energy, we have to remain soft, open, stable and compassionate.

Artwork by Mori Sosen

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