Tiger’s Eye is a gemstone closely connected with the first, second and third chakras. The first three chakras are the energy centres and seats of our survival, our creativity and our self-esteem. Tiger’s Eye usually comes in a yellow-brown to golden colour. The largest deposit of Tiger Eye comes from South Africa. Deposits of the stone have also been found in India, Burma, Western Australia and the USA.

One of the strongest properties associated with Tiger Eye is its ability to create balance. It works best in a paradoxical environment. When we work with this stone, it allows us to find the harmonious centre even if numerous polarities appear to exist. The stone can help an individual see beyond the two sides of an argument and avoid the source of the conflict altogether. This stone can even protect you from impending conflict.

Tiger’s Eye intrinsically and inherently possesses the energy of allowing one to move out of a worldview where there exist staunch dualities of right and wrong, good and bad, dark and light and so on. After all, we are all expressions of the single and same Source. Tiger Eye is thus a good stone to allow an individual to make choices based on discernment that is in accordance with universal brotherhood.

In many parts of the world, Tiger’s Eye is believed to ward away the evil eye. Roman soldiers wore it to protect them in battle. The gemstone was employed as a talisman to oppose curses. The reasoning is simple. The ancients believed in the concept of an all-seeing and all-powerful eye and the Tiger’s Eye represented that very eye.

The vigour and vitality of Tigers Eye’s is said its wearer to break free from a limited worldview.

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