There are certain places where bats gather; or should I say, when we begin to hear that bats are awakening. This usually takes place around dusk. Bats emerge from their upside down slumber to greet the moon the same way that the rooster crows to greet the sun.

One general, but not universal, trait that I’ve noticed when it comes to the creatures of the night is that they can’t see very well. It’s also a truism of nature that when one sense is weak, another sense is naturally heightened. Nature is ultimately generous. She gives us what we need to survive in our given environment. If we were to apply this to a human being, it can be deduced that we make up for what we lack by becoming better at something else.

The Sonar Gift

A bat relies primarily on its sonar gifts. Like the whale, this heighten sonar ability helps the bat to manoeuvre when there is very little light available. Many people fear bats and consider them to be either evil, demonic or dangerous. But is it this true?

At night, it is not so easy to spot a bat. They’re fast and quick. We mostly know that they’re around because we can hear them. Bats know how to hide themselves away. Unlike other animals that we can see in broad daylight, bats represent our hidden fears. It is why we have demonised them.

As the bat is the only mammal that flies, it symbolises the need for a different perspective. If we are oblivious about someone or something, especially due to fears that we harbour, bat wisdom encourages us to face up to what we fear–especially if its something that we can’t see very well.

The bat is awakening, within us, the opportunity to transform our fears into our deepest and truest power.

The bat’s sonar abilities allows it to discern the truth through listening. Are you able to discern whether someone is lying to you or telling you the truth? Are you oblivious to the lies of others; and can you tell when you are being lied to?

On that note, how does one discern when someone is being truthful? Do you have phobias or fears that you’re not even aware of? Are we making important decisions rooted in our phobias and fears? Bat wisdom is reminding us that we can rely and depend on others. We have to.

While some bats lead solitary lives, others live in colonies of more than a million of their brethren. Living in a large colony lessens the risk of predation that solitary bats face. Bats are able to maintain long-term relationships. These relationships consist of matrilineally-related females and their dependent offspring. Food sharing and mutual grooming does occur in certain species and this serves to strengthen their social bonds.

In either case, when the bat awakens, we know that night, rest and sleep is near. Till next time, sweet dreams.

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