The Voice of the Globe

Are the languages of the world an obstruction or a gift? Who were the inventors of language? Why did they invent it—and in the process change the course of human history forever?

It was language that gave birth to the civilisations of the world. The fruits of their ancient knowledge travelled across the Seven Seas of the Sun.

At Sanatanco, we believe that words are a priceless gift. A gift as valuable as the diamond we either receive or give as a gift to that special someone we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Our words can either tear us apart or bind us together.

The Universe has gifted us with a powerful and potent gift. We owe it to the universe to use this gift wisely—not to harm, but to heal.

Our Consultancy Services


We offer a wide range of services for writers, artisans and businesses looking to polish their words to perfection.


We conduct classes, seminars and workshops on the power and the potential of the written and spoken word.

We specialise in projects in the following fields: history, religion, politics, spirituality, business and economics.