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Are the languages of the world an obstruction or a gift? Who were the inventors of language? Why did they invent it—and in the process change the course of human history forever?

As an author and language teacher—to me, words are a gift from the Universe. Perhaps not my only gift, but a valuable gift nonetheless. Having taught English as a second language for many years to folk from all strokes of life—I know firsthand the barriers, the obstacles and the frustrations we all face when we have to communicate and express our True Self.

We find ourselves lost for words. We say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Somewhere deep deep down, we feel blocked when we have to express what is in our heart, mind, body and soul.

Perhaps you want to write a poem for a loved one and you don’t know where to start. Perhaps you want to stand up for yourself in a difficult situation but instead find yourself remaining silent because you fear your words may have no impact. And perhaps you find yourself repeating the same thing over and over again like a broken record that no one is listening to. These are the obstructions we all face as we use language in our daily lives.

The only way to overcome these obstructions is to continuously excavate, unearth, polish and perfect the words that have been entrusted to us as a gift.

To blast away the barriers that are holding us back from all that we can be, we need to carefully carve and craft our words to create the impact we were born to make with our voice.

At Sanatanco, we believe that words are a priceless gift. A gift as valuable as the diamond we either receive or give as a gift to that special someone we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Our words can either tear us apart or bind us together.

I see my destiny in this world as a miner, a merchant and a metalsmith of words. I believe in the power of words to heal the human soul.

It is an incredibly, terribly and horrendously noisy world we live in and I am utterly spellbound, captivated and in awe of the words that have stood the triad tests of time, distance and space.

From the words that have been immortalised in our holy books to the folklore that we have passed down generation after generation—these timeless words are interwoven into the fabric of the Universe. They take root like the banyan tree—forever returning to the earth where they were once carefully carved and crafted. They get translated into a myriad of languages to bring us together and bind us together.

The Universe has gifted us with a powerful and potent gift. We owe it to the universe to use this gift wisely—not to harm, but to heal.

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