The Positive Side of the Pandemic | Binge-Watched a Series of Dreams

On the positive side of this pandemic, we have taken advantage of this time to pursue our hobbies in addition to our regular work. In the past couple of months, we have done many things that we were beautifully procrastinating on till now. All of us have some sort of guilty pleasures to keep us optimistic in such trying times.

Where Do the Dead Go? Grief by Scholastique Mukasonga

“You won’t find your dead in the graves or the bones or the latrine. That’s not where they’re waiting for you. They’re inside you. They survive only in you, and you survive only through them. But from now on you’ll find all your strength in them—there’s no other choice, and no one can take that strength away from you. With that strength, you can do things you might not even imagine today.”