Where Words Shine Like Diamonds

The English word adamant has its roots in the Latin word adamans. The word pays homage to a rock. To the untrained eye, it looks like any other rock. But this rock is special. It can neither be tamed nor tempered.

After a long search, a miner finds the special stone in the depths of the Earth’s crust. He entrusts the raw gem to a master artisan who cuts and polishes the stone. The artisan lays his hand on the stone and sees the stone’s destiny. He works in an intricate and methodical fashion to reveal the lavish, lush and luxurious beauty that lays within what once appeared to be a common rock.

The diamond is not a delicate gem.

We at Sanatanco believe that it is not the diamond’s unrivalled beauty that has fascinated humans for millennia. Rather, it is the journey that common carbon must go through to arrive at the peak of unparalleled perfection.

The diamond is the only stone composed of a single element. There is nothing rare about carbon. It is the fourth most abundant element in the universe. The diamond’s journey to the glittering brilliance that graces our eyes is one that is characterised by deep darkness, extreme difficulties and treacherous turmoils.

Diamonds form deep in the earth under extreme heat and pressure. It’s then forced–ejected violently upwards–from its hiding place by nature or by man till it arrives at or near the earth’s surface.

Even after the diamond is fully formed, the glittering allure of the diamond remains barely noticeable in its rough and unpolished form. The diamond has to be meticulously cleaved, cut and polished by a master artisan until its true brilliance finally shines through.

It takes a diamond to shape another diamond’s destiny. There is so much a diamond must withstand and go through before the sparkling gem is finally ready to share its brilliance with the world.

You, too, can make the journey from common carbon to crystallised perfection.

After all, the true value of a diamond is embedded in the hardness and resilience of its structural formation–and not in the abundant raw material it is made of.

It is the journey that allows the diamond to be all that it already is.

The most precious of precious stones, the diamond’s beauty is unrivalled and unparalleled. It is why they have been desired, revered and lusted after for millennia.

And it all began with carbon, a long long time ago…

The Voice of Venus

It took me lifetimes to discover my voice. And I’m still refining and fine-tuning it each day. My name is Dipa Sanatani and I am the author of The Little Light and The Merchant of Stories. My tale is that of that of a miner, a merchant and a metalsmith of words.

I have travelled the Seven Seas of the Sun in search of timeless and priceless words of wisdom that hide their true value under dirt and dust. I desire nothing more than to unearth the true treasures of words so that the world may bask in their beauty.

On my journey, I have met so many worthless rocks. Rocks that think–and even loudly proclaim–that they are diamonds. All the while, the real diamonds hide themselves deep within the earth’s mantle, away from prying eyes, utterly uninterested in the fanfare that is their destiny.

Only the genuine diamonds truly understand the journey. They know that in their raw carbon form, their true brilliance will remain unseen and unheard. Only genuine diamonds know the relentless heat, the unbearable pressure and the tumultuous passage of time it takes for them to be formed, found and polished to perfection.

You, too, must undergo the exact same journey if you wish to sparkle and illuminate like the hardest and most resilient gem on earth.

Did you think it would be easy? Did you really think that the fake allure of cheap imitations can even compare? Why settle for less than what you truly deserve? Why compromise your structural integrity for fakes and frauds?

If you’re looking for the easy path, then understand that you and I may not have much in common. I am not interested in worthless rocks.

My quest is to unearth and polish the priceless gems that lay hidden within those who are worthy of the journey. It is the journey that will reveal the true worth and value of your words to the world.

To uncover the priceless diamonds within your soul, you and I must venture forth and dig deep into the Earth and dive deeply into the Ocean. We will not find what we seek if we remain on the surface.

You see… a long long time ago, Mother Nature hid her priceless gems away from prying eyes. The sages and storytellers of yesteryear employed a similar strategy. They concealed the truth about our True Self in ciphers.

Their words are timeless. The beauty of their wisdom unparalleled. Like treasured heirlooms, their stories are passed down from one generation to the next. But only those who dare to dig deep into the nothingness will be able to behold the gems of their wisdom.

I know that there are those amongst you who long for more. Those who long to know the true truths. Those who know that there is a lot more to this world than what meets the eye. Those who long for that which can withstand the trials and tribulations of time. Those who long for genuine substance and depth.

If your quest and mine are one and the same, then you know that the true truth already lays concealed within you, just waiting to be discovered.

Om vedath manaya vidmahe

My invitation to the world is simple. All who seek the truth are welcome. I promise you that all who seek greener pastures will find them.

It begins as it always does. With a desire and a yearning. A yearning for more than the ordinary. Life, in all its vibrant colours, is a wondrous experience just waiting to be explored, discovered and savoured. 

If you wish to embark on this quest, I have a humble request. If you do not wish to heed my request, I will respect your choice. But if you wish to come aboard with me, know that we cannot continue until you accede to your soul’s humble plea.

To travel with me, your soul asks that you release the pressure of juggling the myriad of stressors that are needlessly competing for your attention. We cannot proceed if you tell me that you’re too busy. It is a timeless world we live in. A timeless world.

To begin, lay down all your worries. Surrender the endless black hole of demands and distractions that weigh you down. Castaway your role and title and speak to me and the world with the voice that is uniquely yours. 

Sing and sing out loud. Sing the song that only you can sing. Get on that world stage and amplify the sound of your voice as you serenade your soul’s song. The world will hear who you truly are, why you do what you do and how you keep your heart and commitment alive at each sunrise and sunset. 

To sing this song and to tell the story that is uniquely yours—you need words. Words that long to be heard, seen and expressed. All the languages of the world are a gift. A healing force to bring us all together so that we may be one universal voice and countless unique voices. 

The words we use to express ourselves, our businesses and our creations provide a glimpse into the vast landscape of who we truly are. What unspoken and unuttered desire inspires, enthrals and propels you forward?

I wish for nothing more than to hear the song of your soul’s yearning. I won’t settle for anything less.

I know–and believe me when I say that I truly understand–when we speak the truth that is uniquely ours; we open ourselves to the merciless jaws of failure and the sweet taste of long-awaited success.

I implore you and invite you—to join me on this journey as we discover our true voice and send it across the Seven Seas. May the world hear your voice and mine and truly know that they are one and the same. 

May we unearth the diamonds of our words and allow them to bask in the brilliance of sunlight.

You, my dearest darling, are worth the journey and the destination.